ruby tuesday

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  1. anybody have an opinion on this stock? looks like a POS. wondering if anyone is playing this going into earnings today...
  2. never ate is it?
  3. well their food sure sucks!
  4. They closed all of the restaurants in my area because they were getting no business. Their service stank as they hired punk high school kids.
  5. good to know. i've never eaten there. short interest on this puppy is pretty high.

    chart looks like its ready to fall off a cliff
  6. short since Jan. 23....start price-7.23

    I'm Down 7% so far...

    still holding the short. Junk stocks like RT have run up on the last couple sucker rallies because of the small float/high short interest.

    RT was culled from a quant screen along with a couple others. I'm a positional trader.

    Awesome short candidate for the following reasons:

    1. weak relative strength/6 month momentum (understatement)
    2. Consumer discretionary/leisure services for middle class in areas most hurt by sub prime and gas prices (exurbs)
    3. Debt/equity: 1.49
    4. Completely illiquid balance sheet (wrong time for that)....current ratio: 0.1...
    5.Same store sales down 12.7%

    No more buyouts...nobody wants their real book value is meaningless. The contrarian value players will get killed.
  7. what other names you looking at from this screen if you dont mind me asking.
  8. KenL


    It already has fallen off the cliff from high of 30+. The bad news has been factored in long ago.

    Same stores sales off 12%, stock down after hours.

    Question is how low is it going to go from here?
    Is the risk and reward good enough to get short here?
  9. Don't mean to be an a-hole or self-important, but I'm not really able to disclose em all.

    Basically, I look for small caps w/bearish technicals, negative sales surprises/post earnings drift, high leverage, high cash burn, cyclical sectors. I do more research from there to narrow my screen down, based on more subjective rankings. These companies don't seem to discount info right away cuz analysts don't really cover them. The short space for these is inefficient=profit opportunity for smaller investors. A dude with billions couldn't make anything shorting these % wise.
    To give one other name-TMS.....
  10. yeah. It's trading for $7 and not .021 cents......

    If they declare bankruptcy, which they probably will, they pay debtors first. They have practically no current assets. So they sell their real estate. They will take such a huge hit.....I don't think shareholders could get anything.
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