Rubio’s Advice to Donald Trump: Drop The ‘Birther’ Issue

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    Rubio’s Advice to Donald Trump: Drop The ‘Birther’ Issue

    During an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller on Thursday, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said businessman and potential 2012 GOP primary candidate Donald Trump deserves to be taken seriously as a legitimate candidate, noting that “Donald Trump comes to the race with some notoriety — people know who he is.”

    But when it came to Trump’s questioning whether or not President Obama was born in the U.S., Rubio said: “I would suggest — if he asked for my opinion — not to focus so much on that issue. There are more important things facing our country. I believe Barack Obama was born in the United States of America …So why are we talking about this?”
  2. The more the reasonable GOP members attack Trump, like Palin and Bachmann and the other ego maniacs, the more Trump will become belligerent. Trump is not a reasonable I expect he will just attack anyone who attacks him, with great venom...which will of course further endear him to the wacko faction of the GOP and Libertarian parties.

    My prediction will be that Donald will say that the GOP members that are attacking him are afraid he will get the nomination, that he is rogue, ala Palin, all that crapola to further enhance his self promotion reality TV show...

  3. I agree.His ego is not going to be able to take so many people publicly calling him an idiot

    Its going to be fun watching him unravel.Smart Republicans do not want the birther nonsense associated with their party and they will continue to attack him until he stops.I suspect he will realize that he is in a no win situation and drop it,or he might go bat shit crazy and viciously attack back like you said and try to get back at the Republicans by running 3rd party.Its going to be entertaining either way:D
  4. The smart thing for the dems to do, would be to "leak" secret memos from democratic gurus that they are afraid of a Trump/Bachmann ticket.

    That would do the trick. If Trump believed the dems were afraid of him (and of course he would believe anything that strokes his ego) he and Bachmann would run a third party birther ticket.

  5. That would make one hell of a 2012 race :D
  6. I don't understand why these pols keep saying they "think" obama was born in the uS. It is a simple question of fact where he was born. it is not a matter of opinion. Having a debate on the subject is a waste of time as are polls.

    Trump is doing the only reasonable thing, something the republicans should have done in '08. The thing about Trump is, he can smell a phony a mile away. He senses obama is hiding something.

  7. The State of Hawaii said he was born in Hawaii.They gave him an official state birth certificate saying he was born in Hawaii.The health dept has gone on record saying he was born in Hawaii.The former governor who happens to be republican said he was born in Hawaii.

    To anybody who is not a loon that is more then enough
  8. I say you're a idiot. See how that works.
  9. I say you're a birther.An idiot is about 5 steps higher up the intelligence ladder then a birther
  10. How about you show us that you're not a idiot by providing the current law and/or regulation at federal and state level governments to vet presidential candidates?
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