Rubio Won't Vote For Immigration Bill

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    At least he's calling out the Democraps about the continued ignoring of the porous border problem.

    In an interview on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show on Tuesday night, Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio indicated that he would not support the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill he had helped author unless it is changed.

    Earlier in the day, Rubio had said that immigration reform was still short of the 60 votes it needs to pass the Senate. (OPINION: Immigration questions House conservatives should ask Rubio)

    “Well, let me first say that the news of what I said today on Fox about there not being the 60 votes: Actually, Sen. [Robert] Menendez of New Jersey, a Democrat, said the same thing last week,” Rubio said. “And that’s a fact. And the reason why is because while there’s a group, well, the majority of our colleagues are prepared to do immigration reform, they’re only prepared to do it if we ensure that this illegal immigration problem never happens again.”

    “And so there’s a handful of Democrats, and a sizeable number of Republicans that are saying to us we’re prepared to do immigration reform, but we have to make sure there isn’t another wave of illegal immigration,” he continued. “So for those who want immigration reform, the task is very simple: Let’s strengthen the border security parts of this bill so that they’re stronger, so that they don’t give overwhelming discretion to the Department of Homeland Security. And I think if we can do that, then you’re going to be able to get something done. But if you can’t, it’s not going to happen.”

    Later, Rubio indicated he would not vote for the bill unless it is amended.

    “I think if those amendments don’t pass, then I think we’ve got a bill that isn’t going to become law, and I think we’re wasting our time,” Rubio replied. “So the answer is no. If they don’t pass, then we’ve got to keep working to ensure that we get to a bill that can become a law. We’re not interested in passing a Senate bill. We’re interested in passing a law that reforms a broken legal immigration system, that begins to enforce the law and that deals with the 11 million people who are here illegally.”

    “And that’s the goal of this endeavor. And so if those amendments fail, we’ve got to go back to the drawing board and keep working until we can figure out one that will pass. But I don’t understand why anyone would be against it, as such. I don’t think there is a good reason to be against strengthening border security for our country.”

    UPDATE — USCIS union to warn of “Gang of Eight” bill consequences:

    The Daily Caller has learned exclusively that tomorrow the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Could, the union representing 12,000 U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services officers and staff, will be sending a letter to Sen. Marco Rubio and all “Gang of Eight” members stating that if legalization comes before enforcement, even if the enforcement provisions were completely re-written by Congress, the policy will fail. The letter also claims that because of the interior enforcement provisions the bill would result in a national security threat.
  2. The Republicans need to take the Senate and the Whitehouse if anything correct is going to be done in this country.
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    Obama isn't even taking the scandals seriously that are flying all around him. It's business as usual. He thinks he is above accountability. Even naming the lying Rice to National Security Advisor.

    A more appropriate title would be 'Presidential False Statement Promoter.'
  4. Rubio seems like a decent enough kid, but he is woefully unprepared to be a United States Senator. He makes Obama look qualified by comparison.

    Any fool can see that any hint of amnesty will create a rush for the border that all the Border Patrol agents in the country will not be able to stop. Plus, we heard the same BS about this won't happen again when the last amnesty bill passed. of course, it did happen again because dirtbag, traitorous pols of both parties, eg the Bushes, clinton and Obama, had no interest in securing the border.

    Fool me once, etc.
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    No question Rubio got played. His honesty and good intent worked against him. The fact that he's not ready to be a senator is exactly what's wrong with our system currently. One shouldn't have to be ready to be a senator. If you ask me, we need a lot more Rubios and a lot less of the lying scumbags we have now. You know, the politicians who think they are our masters.
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    The Senate in particular is made up of groups of old men who are bound in their ways and are not open to facts, new or old, that would sway their opinions on important matters affecting the country.

    We need term limits and new blood throughout Congress.