Rubini Bullish!!!

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    Stop The Presses, Dr. Doom Is Turning Bullish
    Oy vey! What has the world coming to?

    “We’re a believer; we’re celebrating. We think the rally has legs,” explains Gina Sanchez, Roubini’s director of equity and allocation strategy. (She is also a CNBC contributor.)
  2. OMG.. .The End is near...
  3. This is bad. Roubini is always wrong... What to do now...
  4. JamesL


    That's what I was thinking. Time to short.
  5. I just wish people would figure this out near the beginning of the rally , not after it has gone up 30%. I need the news earlier%$#%^
  6. S2007S


    After reading this article I have to say the top is very near, I have heard this guy continuously speak over and over again how the economy and the stock market were going to fall apart for the last few years and he has called it wrong each and every time, now he gets bullish after the 100% jump in the indexes in the last few years and over 20% from November 2011 lows. Not good.
  7. Roubini is nitro
  8. Yes, once all the perma-bears join the bulls, we're close to the top. The vote at the end of that article suggests that there are still some bears waiting on the sideline, so there is still some upside, but not much.
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    i guess most of you didn't read the article or having some problem undestand it( english is bad,but even i got his point)

    i can't argue with that. you can't fight the FED. that was his message. plain and simple. i agree. everything will go up. bonds,stocks-whatever. Heli Benny was pretty clear..that's why Dr. Doom is least for next 6 months..
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    100% :p
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