RTS to Roll Out High-Speed Access to German Xetra

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  1. RTS Realtime Systems Group, a leading trading solutions provider, announced today that it is one of the first major technology providers to globally roll out Deutsche Boerse’s new low latency, high-speed access interfaces, the Enhanced Transaction Solution and Enhanced Broadcast Solution, along with the new Xetra® Release 10.0.

    Deutsche Boerse offers traders two new dedicated high-speed interfaces that can be seamlessly deployed via RTS’ trading solutions. The Enhanced Transaction Solution is an asynchronous message-based interface (TCP connection) that further pushes the boundaries of low latency trading.

    The Enhanced Broadcast Solution (multicast connection) serves to transmit un-netted market data with significant order book depth as quickly as possible. The high-performance transmission mechanism reduces latency and provides faster access to market data.

    Traders will rely on RTS to integrate Enhanced Broadcast Solution/Enhanced Transaction Solution into their existing trading infrastructure as these new connectivity options are not available via the exchange’s front-end. The new connectivity offering can lead to a reduction by at least 50 percent in transmission times for order data sent to Xetra and back to trading participants.

    RTS’ proximity hosting solutions include Xetra and Eurex, allowing performance-driven traders to further profit from the combined offering, while keeping the cost under control. Said Christian Zahm, RTS Sales Director: “RTS is proud to be among the first trading solutions providers to offer this important global roll-out along with our proximity offering. With this enhanced connectivity offering, we are further strengthening our position as a leading technology provider for Xetra and for algorithmic trading solutions globally.”

    “With the newly introduced high-speed interfaces, we will enable our members to tap into new performance dimensions,“ said Jens Hachmeister, Director, Head of Xetra Operations/Infrastructure Development at Deutsche Boerse AG. “Participants will considerably benefit from our technological expertise and the existing superior infrastructure for low latency trading.”

    RTS and Deutsche Boerse are co-hosting a Webinar on July 7 to inform customers about upcoming Eurex and Xetra releases and functionality as well
    as detail the necessary steps to take to participate. For more information, visit the RTS website at www.rtsgroup.net, or e-mail events@rtsgroup.net.