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  1. Anybody experience with RTD Tango ?


    Flexibility & Simplicity
    Trading numerous strategies simultaneously in an efficient and flexible way with RTD Tango, the perfect addition to our high performance, professional trading platform, the RTD Realtime Trading Desktop.

    RTD Tango takes away the complexity by enabling users to build their own framework. Further reduced time to market cycle as algorithms can easily be created by users without extensive programming skills.

    A broad variety of strategies possible for:

    * Pairs-Trading/Arbitrage

    * Basket-Trading

    * Hybrid Trading/Auto-hedging

    * Proprietary Trading/Technical Indicators

    * Quoting

    * Order Execution

    * Scanning markets for opportunities

    * and more

    Performance & Security
    Real time execution & low latency through native connectivity for order entry and market data.

    High performance thanks to a server-based solution and special cached algorithms.

    Free determinable automated security levels, a scalable permission system and protection against mistrades are amongst the key security features.

    Overview & Control
    Realtime monitoring and managing of market data, orders, quotes, trades and self defined parameters.

    Further capabilities to update all necessary parameters via external systems such as a Middle/Back-Office or MS Excel.

    Simulation & Back-testing
    Optimization of parameters and logical tests for newly created strategies require high precision and reliable figures. RTD Tango provides two modes for testing created strategies:

    An integrated exchange simulator allows realistic strategy simulation while testing against realtime data. In this way orders are accepted and adapted to an exchange market without sending them to the respective Exchange. Mimic the market: RTD Tango takes into consideration FIFO and pro rata matching algorithms as well exchange specific roundtrip times.

    The RTD Tango Backtester
    Comprehensively and easily test trading models before putting them into action. With the Backtester users can run thousands of parameter combinations/strategy components against historical tick data & full market depth.

    The Backtester is integrated in RTS's native infrastructure and allows testing everything from the most basic trading strategy to the most complex multi-layer set of algorithms

    Both modes are ideal for testing, strategy development and end-user training.
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    Had a Webex demonstration of Tango. Looks very impressive... but so does the price. It is aimed at institutional traders
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    You obviously don't have a clue what you're talking about....
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    RTS is not a start up. its one of the more popular platforms used by trading firms. keep in mind these are not for retail clients; they're for real trading. you might want to look into orc software as well. if you're on a budget portware or aegis might be for you
  6. You are compeletely wrong, QuantPlus !

    RTS. A Matter Of Trade - Since 1992.

    Founded in 1992, RTS with its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, came into existence at the very beginnings of global electronic trading. The company was conceived from the single idea to create a professional trading and front office system for the launch of the electronic exchange EUREX (formerly DTB) in Germany. The original electronic trading platforms of the Frankfurt exchange are XETRA (formerly IBIS) for trading stocks and bonds and EUREX for trading derivatives.

    By way of developing the trading and front office systems for IBIS, RTS accomplished its comprehensive breakthrough in the German stock market in 1994. With the new functionalities Click Trading and Basket Trading, RTS was bridging the gap in the market of electronic trading.

    Vision Became Reality

    In 1996/97 RTS developed a new state-of-the-art trading architecture, the RTD Realtime Trading Desktop , to access from one window multiple exchanges with extremely fast execution capabilities.

    The Internet Trading Solution (eRTD) was launched in 2000. In conjunction with RTD, it provides the Internet Trading Platform of the future. The development and design of the eRTD solution is based on RTS's extensive business experience.

    Since 2002, the RTD Matcher Solution (mRTD) enables the creation of a truly unique and customized electronic market where several variations of market models chosen by the individual customer are possible.

    Drawing further on the wealth of trader input, RTS has developed an open Application Programing Interface (RTD-API) allowing even more flexibility to customize own trading applications.

    Today, RTS is actively marketing its software solutions as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and acts at the same time as a consultancy and service provider, Application Service Provider (ASP) and hardware reseller with an enhanced product portfolio including software and service.

    RTS's corporate strategy focuses on meeting the continually changing demands of the market, of the customers and providing quality solutions for electronic trading worldwide.

    Maybe now it´s clear to you why they have "near ZERO" traffic ...
  7. Thanx ! :)
  8. Any comments on the speed of this platform? Also its high cost was mentioned, how much are we talking?