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  1. Hey guys I've been posting on here since Sep. I believe and am starting a journal to help with my results, I was on fire the first two months of the year and have slowed down considerably since. I figure getting input and being transparent for critiques will do me no harm, so here I go. MY background I'm 24 I live in Wyoming and I sell Real Estate, pretty part time though lol. anyways onto my positons
  2. sorry I bumped enter on my laptop.

    Lean hogs- I am holding 12 July/Aug spreads at an average of around eleven cents to the buy. These are seasonal spreads, I played them completely wrong and they have done nothing but tie up margin, i had around 20 on but liquidated due to frustration.

    Aug/Oct Live cattle 10 of these on, average of around 5.50 or so to the sell. I feel great about these, my only regret was not piling them on when they got to 6.00 to oct side. NEver ever seen them get that wide, I think they will go to around 3.00 give or take. I feel great about these.

    March 09 sugar calls. Just a very specualtive play, they are 40.00 strike and i have ten that i purchased for .7. closed last night at .11 no idea what they are doing today. Had some pretty good length in the .20 calls but liquidated with a good profit about a month or so ago.

    July/Dec corn Currently have 4 of these on looking to add length on pullbacks, weather concerns or anything! will send july over dec, full carry on this is 17-20 cents ( i think correct if wrong) So not too much at risk.

    That's all I have on right now a spread I'm really thinking about is March09/july09 Chi wheat currently at 20 cents. With how low stocks are if we see ANY kind of supply or demand spike they will scramble to get as much wheat as possible. I would like to add some good length or so to this one (by the time i'm done 5-10 lots)

    I trade of Moore sometimes and I just trade what I like to see, I will trade any market. I just like to make money. I hope everyone has a good weekend
  3. my laptop isnt working to well so didnt have a chance to post this weekend. Might have sold a house though so that more thank makes up for it :) Anyways didnt do any trading today, whcih is fine it's good to be out sometimes, still have all the aforementioned trades on, those corn spreads are going back on me and the piggies really are too again. I am thinking that i wil liquidate the rest of my hog spreads tommorow if the tide doesnt turn, you live you learn right
  4. looking to add length to aug/ot cattle. Oct are extremely over valued compared to aug. check it out
  5. they havent planted shit for corn just like i had suspected, i think july is gonna catch up with dec pretty quick. its 13 cents to dec now and I personally dont see that. it'll be interesting to see how these go
  6. im perhaps acting to quick it is very very easy to plant corn and they forecast a good week
  7. good day today didnt trade much but the spreads moved back for me. I really learned alot from the july/aug pigs instead of tieing up a shit load of margin with 20 fucking spreads and wait for them to go my way, I could have aggresively been trading like i should have been with these in and out in and out and been making 500 to 600 a day easily. But you live you learn, these spreads that i use are becoming different every year because of fund money and the corn market. This year is just so much different than last and so on and so forth and the only way to survive is to adapt. I have faith in all the spreads i trade, i just need to sit down and revamp the parameteres. for 30 yrs if july and aug hogs ever got close to parity , it was solid gold to buy july sell aug now the parameter has widened to maybe 3.00 to 4.00 dollars and the only reason for that ios the huge fundies are in there litereally making these markets going at it with each other and the commericals. anyways im gonna take my afternoon nap :)
  8. bak to my other trades, still in all of them didnt add to any thing in the cattle trade was out showing property and didnt have a chance to really watch em. I feel good about corn spread, we will need perfect everything to insure a normal planting and it very well could be but i'm gonna play it aggressive and go for it. From what i read this is the lowest progress planting in recorded history for corn, I may be wrong about that so don't quote me.
  9. I have been wanting to sell gold looked like it was consolidating pretty well for a move up or down and down we go. I might get short today at some point and just run a loose stop. Looking for some good action in the piggies today, expecting july to run up again. I could be wrong but it's goign to benefit from an overbought june and some bull spreading. corn also was down overnight i think. Those corn spreads aren't doing shit for me, but I have faith will probably add some length today happy trading
  10. ahhhhhaaa called it on those pigs what a trade that was!
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