rtick vs trad?

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    using rtick now was wondering about experiences with trad, specifically, futures order entry, charts, and hotkeys. are the charts any good, and do they have hotkeys. i just upped my sub to rtick pro and i like it but trad looks pretty good except its doesnt seem to be getting good reviews from some on the site. also, can you link the charts in trad like you can in rtick pro just basically experiences with trad would be greatly appreciated. if anyone has any questions on trading books, or hardware, switches, gcards monitors id be happy to answer them, those are 2 things i know some stuff about. thanks

  2. cartm,

    Do you trade through Terra Nova?

    Whether you do or not, you might be interested in a daily online, interactive tutorial we have each day at 3 EST.

    With the introduction of RT 7.5, we are reviewing the enhanced functionality in a forum that enables you to view our instructor, hear his instruction and explainations, and speak with him when you have questions.

    Call Terra Nova toll free at 866-996-8566 and ask about the daily WebEx tutorial.

    Hope this is of use. BTW, what books do you recommend to new traders? I'm always looking for new ones to suggest.
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    Although they are expensive, I would recomend anything by Ross. For beginners that might be a little too much, so I would suggest Alan Farleys Master swing trader, Mcmillian on options, Reminicence of a stock operator, for a very basic overview Borsellinos The day traders course is good, simple, easy to understand. Before shelling out any dough for books I would direct them to the educational links and articles at www.daytradingstocks.com, its a free compilation of good educational links. And the market wizard books, those are a given, must read. As far a Terra Nova, I am trying to decide between them and Tradestation for institutional purposes. I have not decided yet, when Terra fully rolls out the futures trading it might make my decision easier. I just downloaded 7.5 so I can not speak with any authority on the enhancements in it. I am beta testing or in trials with 8 different trading apps trying to find the right one, use to use qcharts, but was too unreliable.
  4. Broker for futures trading is www.lind-waldock.com Do you know Refco Express ? www.refcoexpress.com
    This is the way to enter futures orders with TS6, they simply built-in sort of a IE Browser (cheap trick).


    3 Steps howto find out:

    1. Click www.refcoexpress.com
    2. Click "Trading Login"
    3. Click "Interactive Demo"
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    i am familiar with refco, they are the biggest clearing firm in the futures industry, and i think theyre pretty big in currency. thanks for posting the pic, but it looks browser based. looks like datek order entry screen. not saying thats bad, just not usable for active traders. thanks
  6. Yes, it is browser based, that´s why I called it "cheap trick".

    For stock trading it is completely different, they integrated it into TS6 and you can use "autoexecution" (as advertised).
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    i agree, w/ you thats weird that they would not just integrate it into their own software its actually a disadvantage for them because other platforms are integrating it into theirs, like ib, and rt. i started the thread rtick vs trad but now im not sure there is actually any competition between them, rtick offers way more, i guess i should have compared rtick to another more advanced platform. and for those of you who say trad is advanced because of easylanguage, save it, it doesnt come close to making up for their flaws.
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    i see that trad has just changed their commission schedule, but i am not sure it makes much of a difference, if commissions are your main issue, i would say ib is your best bet. but trad has yet to offer a new release of their software. still cant do options online, futures are still browser based, charts are funny, no filters, not even from 3rd parties, more ecns with tn, no basket trading, as far as them saying its in the new release, i talked to a rep from trad back in jan and he said the new release was a few weeks away. lol. rt has new releases at least quarterly, and data is more reliable, trad buys their data from sanpcomstock, if youre into programming www.wealthlab.com seems to be doing some good stuff the only thing i would like to see tn do is hook up with ace so we could trad the dow contract and the new mini contract i dont think its out yet, but there are a lot of instruments on the cbot i would like to try. as far as trad goes, you get what you pay for, if not less.
  9. We should do some promotion for YM !
    If there is no volume, then you can´t trade.

    With TS6 I get the Mini-Dow quotes for free (no exchange fee),
    but IB says "must subscribe to ACE quotes and pay 30 bucks".

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    i am surprised the new mini dow contract has not gotten that much attention, everyone is talking about ssfs but i have yet to see a release date and the dow mini starts trading next week, i have only seen info on it from the cbot website. i do not understand why someone would trade the diamonds when they can trade the mini for a lot less cash, i think once people find there is a dow mini it will become very popular as other mini instruments. but you are right it needs liquidity, hopefully people will trade it
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