RTharpe Fund?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by egotraitor, Oct 5, 2003.

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    Hi Wareagle

    My father is one of the Market Wizards, but he really doesn't sell systems. His biggest clients are hedgefunds. They have their track record published constantly. I'm not allowed to say who it is, but he is in Market Wizards also.

    I trade for a living and will back it up with statements. (hey I'm going to be publishing a book in another yr or 2 with my track record, then start a fund) The key for a system though is having a positive expectancy. Not Las Vegas but being the house by having the odds in your favor. If you don't know chances are they aren't. Then having the psychology intact to follow that system through drawdowns, monitoring it to see if the drawdowns get out of the norm..........(ie..this year with me and breakouts, Tom Basso had to stop trading, Paul Tudor Jones had to get some more training, Richard Dennis closed his fund..this says the market isn't behaving normally.) I survived though by finding traders who were doing well, and modeling their strategies. In fact I improved upon them as I have a better understanding of Risk with R multiples and expectancy. I tweaked my position sizing models towards their system and what I using now is incredible.

    Anyway......great board Baron. A lot of good feedback.


    Has rtharpe started his fund?
  2. I called his firm a while back and they said they were having trouble (around May). They suddenly went from no fee training to fee for training. I talked to Robert in 02 and he said his firm was doing really well. Not sure what happened.
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    Do you know what the Lynx method is?
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    No but apparently it must be like Woody Hayes' passing game. Three things can happen and two of them are bad. :D