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  1. Any theories as to why retailers are getting slammed so hard? It's the only sector that has really been doing poorly this last week and of course it's all tied to the WMT/TGT downgrades. But I don't even understand that as both stocks look like they're doing okay. How can everything be flat or up but retailers are tanking? It just doesn't make sense - not that it has to of course.
  2. Retail is an early growth cycle play..that usually peaks with a trough in rates after a few months.

    The tax cut one off is gone.

    The REFI bid is close to toast.

    And the "Jobless" recovery mirage continues.

    All of the above say Sell RLX....period.


  3. So this is all about the economic cycle? I read Jim Cramer saying that, but I couldn't believe he was right about anything. Plus, it just seems strange to me that the mkt would percieve tech as expanding/underpriced relative to retail. But, yes, RTH looks like a soon-to-be falling knife...