RTFX championship contest= SCAM?

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    Questions from respondent in another forum -

    RTFX championship contest= SCAM?


    Author suspect - it is very can be

    Small company can not pay each month 22 000 euro in price money ( Compare with PFG ,which offered price money contest multiple year's )

    FXCM payed 40 000 $ each month ,but FXCM have multiple time's more account's



    1.Did anybody successfully open live account to claim contest prize or miles?

    From my experience, if you are non-EU,not easy to open live account .They will request documents cerification (cerifitied copied+cerified offical+cerifitied translator).See detailed in RTFX's forum:post of ''RTFX=sc*m''.

    If you had joined into their championship contest,had better scan open-account documents and send e-mail for verification first. Just save your time.
    2.I won in January and opened an account after providing them with notarized copy of my driver's license and a utility bill. However, after a week and after my 1,000 euro account made about 10% profit I received an e-mail that they have to close my account because CFTC regulations does not allow me to have an account with them because I'm a US resident and they are not CFTC registered and regulated firm a recent change in CFTC Reg. Is it a scam? I think not but RTFX should have known about this rule before opening my account. They are sending whatever profit I have in the account. So if you are a US resident don't waste your time.