RT intraday scanners: cyberquant. esignal-rally, traderbot, realtick3-sortwizard

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by allesim, Sep 12, 2001.

  1. allesim


    I would like to have suggestions about how to find a real time intraday scanner with this features:

    Indutry: tech
    stock current value between $10 and $30
    average 1 month Volume > 1M shares
    refresh: 1 min

    The core scan is:
    stocks who are breking the max {today's high, yesterday's high}

    the first time
    (I wish to filter out stocks who already breakout today more than once)

    I tried:
    cyberquant (cybertrader.com) good but lacks yesterday's high filter
    traderbot: good and complete, but web-based (very slow and unstable to me)
    esignal scanners: lack many filters I ask for

    I never tried it: may I have your comments?

    Any suggestions are kindly appreciated.

  2. I demoed the SortWizard and found it fast and very versatile because you can write your own formulas.

    It appears that it will do what you want it to.

    If you have any questions call Stephan at 314-567-0552. Tell him the guy with the Maine Coon cat recommended his product. I found the support excellent especially compared to Stormtracker where they don't like to return phone calls. (but they do e-mail you back).

    I have no affiliation with either product. If you have further questions you can e-mail me here.

    What is, IS.
  3. allesim


    Thanks for your suggestion, Livtotrade.

    Since I am not in USA, will you kindly provide me Mr Stephan e-mail, in order to have me try sortwizard demo?

    Of course I will mention that you, the guy with the Maine Coon cat, recommended the product.

    One question: I am using esignal datafeed.
    Do I need to subscribe to realtick3 in order to use sortwizard scanner?

    paolo866@yahoo.com :)
  4. Magna

    Magna Administrator


    cyberquant (cybertrader.com) good but lacks yesterday's high filter

    That's true. You can compare the current price with today's high, or to the 5-day high, but not yesterday's high. So if you use a 2-day breakout system (like Ken Calhoun's) it would not be able to help you.
  5. hi,

    one question concerning the sortwizzard: is it possible to generate 'hotlists' like the ones you receive in esignal or qcharts?
    i heavily use this feature in qcharts but i´m not really satisfied with the stability of their feed. rt3 is much more stable.

    currently i´m omega prosuite user and scan the markets with radarscan which i cant fully recommend. it´s a very slow and heavy program that uses your cpu resources quite exhaustive.


  6. Everything posted thus far in regard the topics/questions raised can be perfromed with the SortWizard. You will need a RealTick datafeed to use it.

    You can email us at support@SortWizard.com or visit the web site www.SortWizard.com. There is a free 2 week trial available.

    LivToTrade - thx for kudos!