RT emini comissions- are they cheaper in a prop firm?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by TGpop, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. TGpop


    i assume $5 RT is the going rate for contracts like YM (YM is my only market)

    would prop firms offer lower comissions like $3?
  2. It all depends on the volume of contracts you're moving per trade.

    The first broker I ever started with a few yrs ago( OpenECry) charged me $4.00 RT (ES) as long as I averaged minimum 150-200 RTs per month. I now do 5-7 times that volume but thru another broker I now use(Dorman) and pay $2.90 RT.

    Its all about volume discounting............
  3. I'm not an expert in fees and commissions, but I'm pretty confident current exchange fees for YM are .91¢ plus NFA fee .01¢. All said, .92¢ per side. Anything over and above $1.84 RT is known as commission.
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    thanks, that said im probably doing 50 RTs a day as i scalp YM, 250x a week that is . 1000RTs a month, bound to get cheap comissions somewhere.

  5. 50 round trips per day ? Wow.
  6. Only 1000 RT's/month to get $2.90 ?

    On what platform ?
  7. tripleE


    why would anyone trade more than 4 contracts of ES per trade at, say, IB?

    I don't get it.

    why would you not trade stocks at a fixed commission rate at, say, TDAmeritrade, if you trade a large volume?

    The more ES contracts you trade, the more commission you pay at IB.

    But if you trade a stock at TDAmeritrade, you pay the same commission if you trade 50,000 shares a trade.

  8. Not everybody has the capital to meet the PDT requirements, you can trade 1 ES with as little as $400 performance bond.

    You really DO NOT get it!
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    Do you understand why I said "4 contracts"?