Rsj - Liffe Volume 38 Million Q1 2010

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  1. be afraid - be very afraid.

    this aint right.

    they are on the other side of every trade.

    the fsa should be all over this.

    one participant cant be allowed to have such a huge edge.

    we might as well trade directly with rsj.

    why do i need to trade with liffe????

    im better off contacting rsj and getting a cheaper brokerage rate.
  2. southall


    great, bring it on.. these guys will be providing the liquidity for my trades.
  3. Lethn


    Lets see all these cheating mother fuckers keep winning when the recession comes round again.
  4. I agree with you,but have you or your compliance contacted the FSA?

    If they are doing this much volume then surely there has to be a conflict of interest at times.

    I'm also unconvinced that they don't trade with themselves,I can only imagine that they do but have different ITM's for different programs,kind of like you trading with another guy in the office,however with RSJ the IT is so sophisticated, but we are supposed to believe that none of the programs know what the other is doing.
  5. what happened to all the moaners and whingers that use to contribute to my threads.

    clearly a sign of the times.

    no one left to debate with.

    come on mr dog fish you must still be trading??
  6. just21


    You are the only one left trading with the machines. have you seen terminator 4?
  7. Dogfish


    I'm here and finding the bund trading fairly decent (well apart from yesterday, ahem). RSJs volume so far on eurex is minimal and I don't trade euribor or short sterling these days so don't really have an opinion. There still seem to be plenty of directional moves in the bors and the vol is fine so no complaints yet
  8. Why didn't you answer my question? Or is it easier to bitch and moan and do nothing about it?

    There are loads of people left but they've accepted what's happened and got on with it.
  9. my point is this.

    regardless of whether your profitable or not.

    any business or product that allows someone to control it is not good for the overall business.

    they currently are doing over 40% of all european and sterling stir business.

    if you had a brain which clearly you do not you might see this as being negative towards the business and blatantly corrupt
  10. If YOU had a brain you would know that it's "you're" not "your" you ignorant prick. (2nd line)

    All you do is moan like a little bitch but you either don't want to or don't have the balls to do anything about it - likely the latter.

    Despite RSJ we (myself and a good % of the office) are doing pretty good,you are obviously shit at this or desperately trying to make a style that is now outdated work.

    Every business goes through changes,no different here,only instead of trying to resolve the issues you seem to seek solace in moaning and general negativity.

    You need to either grow up and get on with your job or just fuck off,if you take this good advice you will be better off for it - trust me.
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