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  1. well after asking them when they are updating the volumes 2 months ago only to be told soon i asked again this morning.

    reply was the following - we are not.

    one can conclude and assume their volume has fallen even though they claim to add liquidity and increase volume but shockingly i would imagine their percentage of volume has increased from around the 50% level on liffe to even higher.

    total control in other words.

    here is the email from them

    ' We decided not to present it yet.

    With the best regards '

    Monika Vondrakova

    Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 8:02 AM
    To: Monika Vondrakova
    Subject: UPDATE


    several months ago you told me you were updating your volumes.

    when is this happening?


  2. What right do you have to know their volumes if they choose to discontinue their posting?
  3. IF they are doing 50% of liffe volume then we have every right to know as they become the counterparty to nearly all trades which gives them an unfair advantage and at 50%+ they are then trading sometimes with themselves which is against the law.

    HOWEVER - liffe have been in RSJ's pocket for a number of years now so i'm sure they have (in their eyes) a feasible excuse for this.

    Considering the euribor market gets broken regularly these days they can pretty much get away with anything.
  4. then why have a website claiming brilliance and all conquering knowledge with boasts of volume increase.
  5. agreed - 100 per cent.

    its all very well people keep saying ADAPT.

    but the game has never been more bent than it is at this point now.

    check the exchange share prices.

    all 3 major exchanges well near the bottom.

    they never gonna get their share price up and increase the volume if the players wont play because they perceive it as a bent game.

    your cards are face up in this casino.
  6. Uhhh, CME is $280, vs 52-week low of $225.
  7. I was just looking through the new "Inside Advantage' and learned that Risk Magazine has chosen Liffe as the exchange of the year 2011. It's all about 'competition, innovation and transparency' apparently.
    Hats off to RSJ and LIFFE.
    I assume that you will all adjust your opinions accordingly...
  8. Their opinions are driven by their trading results... blaming the dealer for their bad cards.
  9. I thought you were in agreement as the only thing you could and predictably acted like a prick about was the cme share price.

    In fact what sort of tool have you got to be to think for a nano-second that one firm doing 50%+ of the business on an exchange or an individual contract is anything but a joke?

    If you can answer the last question silly bollocks i'll carry on debating with you,if not then go away and talk shit to someone else.

    Perhaps RSJ own Risk Magazine as well as liffe and what's left of it's long suffering traders.
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