RSJ failts to update volumes - fails to reply to emails

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    oh well i guess their volumes went south.

    looks like the biggest volume participant on liffe and eurex just confirmed they are doing less and less volume.

    just confirms the theory that hft firms kill volume and create none.

    unlucky eurex
  2. While there is no doubt that RSJ have killed true liquidity and confidence in the liffe and eurex markets and have taken them to the brink of disaster,my total distrust of the people in decision making positions at both these exchanges makes me think that they may have had a word with RSJ to make them stop publishing their volumes.

    My reason behind this is that as volumes have fallen in general,it wouldn't surprise me at all that RSJ are now doing 50%+ of the volumes.

    Therefore when we trade we virtually trade with them giving them the jump at all times on short term market positions.

    Look closely at eurex especially,whenever a small paper market order comes in,say 200,the market will as soon as RSJ's bought/sold them will reverse 1-3 ticks,as they are everything in there they can pull the rug anytime they please.
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    perhaps rsj are not trading anymore.
  4. yep. finally someone else can see it.

    i said this years ago and the usual tossers on here reply with adapt or die bullshit.

    i rarely trade this exchange - its rigged and a con.

    im trading on betfair these days.

    a lot more natural human flow.

    eurex is finished as a credible exchange.
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    So you took the advice and adapted to a new type of trading.

    Financial trading was not your thing it seems.
  6. What are you trading on betfair?
  7. mostly the tennis.

    its back and forth action - 2 way price movement.

    u can average in and get out of losing trades reasonably easy.

    made £5500 today on the murray semi final - trading small size.

    because humans trade it and there is emotion running thru the movements are a lot more natural.

    unlike this hft bullshit on eurex liffe and cme cbot

    everytime u click the mouse your legged up on spreads and then squeezed out only to find out you had the correct position on in the first place.
  8. Yea, totally conclusive to that end.
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    Up until this year. They are still doing this I believe. [​IMG]