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  1. I don't know if I will get scorned or not but here goes. I currently trade purely on EMAs & volume (along with my chart recognition skills, descretionary). I would like to see if RSI and/or MACD could help me filter out trades better. More about me. I do actually trade 1st of all. I trade the mini dow & DAX intraday mostly because I like them but I could trade anything with my methodology. I still work a full time IT job. The latter may be taken out of my hands soon, so I might become a full time trader whether I want to or not . I am attaching my log from Tuesday as I only made 3 trades Weds for a grand total of around $90. I like this forum because people reward thoughtful questions with thoughtful responses. If you have questions of me, feel free to ask. I really want to hear from you rsi & macd guys/gals about ACTUAL settings for 1 minute charts. Thx to all!!
  2. sorry here they are
  3. keep in mind I DO NOT use MACD right now. So those settings are meaningless really
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    MACD is probably going to get you in too late. Learn to read Price Action.

    There is a thread on here using MACD for entry. I don't remember the name but the rules are -

    If the MACD crosses down below 0 line go short. If it crosses up above 0 go long. If it crosses down above 0 line wait for it to cross the 0 line then go short. If it crosses up below 0 line wait for it to cross then go long.

    This can work OK if you follow the rules.
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    Sir - If it's working for you - It's all good:)

    Can't help but I'll follow with intrest

    Take Care