RSI Indicator: Any recommended sources for learning about the RSI?

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  1. I have a basic understanding of the indicator, but I'm wondering if there are any books or websites going into detail that may be worth my time.

    Thanks for the help!
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    if you like RSI, you will like true strength index tsi
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    Completely agree there...
  5. I've been searching the web and other sources I have (including Wilder's book) for a few hours and have a pretty good understanding of the RSI levels, S/R, trendlines, divergences, and patterns.

    Do you think Hayden's book or even Dobson's book ( ) add enough to be worth it?

    Btw TSI does look like an interesting indicator. I might look into it some more too.
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    Never saw Dobson's book. As for Hayden's, it's not an easy read. The chart annotations are annoyingly small, he doesn't write that clearly and there are errors in the text. That said, I've paid more and gotten less out of other trading books.
  7. Noted. Thanks for the help!

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    Andrew Cardwell devoted alot of time to studying RSI and has taken it farther than Wilder probably ever concieved.. ask some of these traders that discussed his materials in this classified ad. you could also net search for his materials. i do not have a public email address for him.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, da-net :)
  10. If anyone is looking for me contact me directly at cardwellrsi@hotmail.

    For those who think they know rsi I would be more than happy to speak with them, because I know they are not using it the way that I have taught my course for over 20 years.

    And as far as it not working, then why have over 70% of my course students been refered by previous students. And why do I have students in 27 countries around the world using my course materials to trade.
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