RSI and MACD parameters for 1-8 day positions

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Brennen81, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    Could anyone share their thoughts on this? Part of my analysis is holding stocks for 1-8 days.

    My amateur opinion says, while viewing the day chart, set the RSI for the approximate amount of days planning to hold.

    Not sure of the 3 different parameter for the MACD. My best guess is that the 26,12,9 standard is for much longer holds.


  2. What stocks and time-frame you use? You may check free MACD scans at
    MACD Trading Systes (you will find RSI scans there as well)

    Because of liquidity and volatility, recommended settings could differ from stock to stock and from frame to frame. If you have an ability to scroll charts back in history, simply test to see what works for you and keep in mind that with MACD it could be recommended to review its settings on regular basis as with changes in volatility what was good yesterday cold be not very nice tomorrow.
  3. Yo,Frenchy!:D

    Why do you need MACD and RSI?
  4. Truff


    If you are going to make trade decsions based on MACD and RSI its going to be a tough go. benn there, done that. RSI has little value IMO but MACD in conjunction with other key tools like Volume at price or Market profile can be somewhat useful.