RSI(14) Indicator for HIGH-SPEED Day-Trading Futures

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  1. please you use it...and how...?

    Basic premise:

    Buy when "RSI 14 is under 25" and "sell when RSI 14 is over 75"...agree?...what is the best timeframes to use this with?looking at trading it with the eminis ES, NQ, YM
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    No, I can't remember having RSI on a chart since probably sometime in the mid 90's.
  3. Increase,

    You won't find anything worth trading until you commit yourself to support and resistance.

    I see you creating threads like some sort of desperate man looking and researching, there is nothing out there that will help you achieve constant profitability but trading price and its corresponding support and resistance.

    You will probably wipe your ass with this suggestion but I had to try in hopes of maybe stopping you from creating these useless threads that lead nowhere but to a new useless thread.

  4. Don't use....don't need it. As stated by others, price action is the only thing that's needed along with good risk management and your head screwed on right!
  5. Here you go.

    14 period RSI. If RSI is over 75, you get a red down arrow over price meaning SELL. If RSI is under 25, you get a green arrow under price meaning BUY.

    Looks like you'll be selling into a lot of uptrends and buying into a lot of down trends.

    It gives sell signals at the top sometimes and buy signals at bottoms sometimes.

    I wouldn't trade it.

    Strangely enough it called a perfect top right before 8:30am CST. Well it's a mini top.

    But then around 8:52am CST you're going to me selling into that uptrend like crazy.
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  6. Actually I might fade that system :D

    I could always reverse the arrows so that the signals appear correctly (in reverse).

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  8. Oscillator-TA sucks. If you must apply significance to a delimited-indicator; trade in the direction of the rising ADX and only take the RSI signals [S indicator lower-highs, B higher-lows] which confirm. You'll find it tests well with a volatility-stop.
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    Honestly, the best way to find out is trying it yourself. find your style and stop expecting people to give you their strategies cause it is not going to happen.. why don't you try finding a setup it works with.. its not that tough to figure out...

    I do use it.. not as a primary indicator but just for confirmations to back trades I am about to make based on the price action..

    Best of luck!!
  10. Over the past few years here at ET the term "price action" has been coming up over and over. Generally then followed by support and resistance. That makes sense.. HOWEVER no one seems to mention "how" they use price action..

    Would anyone care to elaborate beyond support/resistance when refering to price action? How are you determining this support/resistance in real time? Sure, can look at a chart after the fact and point out that here it ran into resistance.. here was support.. etc.. but how are people really using this "price action" to find this support/resistance in real time? I am not looking for a hand out... or keys to the kingdom.. simply looking for more than "support and resistance"
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