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    After much debugging, the beta version is now no longer in testing.

    RS8.5 is officially here and seems to be working smoothly. It took some major re-thinking and about a year's worth of trial and error. But Rs7 has seen it's day, and now, RS8.5 is available for use, abuse, humor, solemnity, greed, grief, sorrow and joy.

    RS8.5 has been slightly modified in regards to chit chat and trading due to changing world conditions.

    RS8.5 has many built in firewalls that prevent it from being infected by the usual viruses. Yet will recognize them, quarantine and in most cases destroy them.

    RS8.5 will have a daunting task updating the associated "buddy list", but thanks to Commisso, it will be far more concise and easily accessed.

    "Peace" will remain as signoff on posts, and "smiley" will be applied when appropriate.

    No noticeable differences should be too evident. I see a very smooth transition, and hope to see Rs7 slowly drop off the "BIG POSTERS" list.

  2. r u
  3. I am personally still in Beta testing. My wife and kids are constantly makig changes to the underlying assumptions in my hard coded system. Occasionally, on a Saturday night, my wife will test the 1.0 version of me by taking me out with her friends and making me smile without drinking too much.

    As for RS8.5, I have found that it is better not to upgrade right away, but to wait a little while for the first few patches to come out. I will be keeping RS& until you have at least 100 posts under the new version!
  4. :D you are a trip. A good trip though. Never will forget that post on trader's girlfriend thread - hope RS8.5 has some of the same wit and humor.

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    We all must constantly upgrade and evolve. :p
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    Yes indeed. The most fun post I ever did. And a dramatic turning point in my life.

    I made the infamous post at the desk in my bedroom while my wife was trying to continue her peaceful sleep (the kind that women seem to achieve so much more easily then their overwrought maniacal trading husbands). Anyway, as I started to regress in my inability to control the laugher that was most closely starting to resemble the sounds one would associate with a crossbreed specimen of a hyena/baboon/Frankenstein Muppet experiment gone horribly awry/2 year old getting off on "peek a boo" while being tickled.

    So naturally my attempts to stifle these sounds were to virtually no avail. I had to leave the room before my darling sleeping wife (now stirring) came after me with her finely honed nail file (shank), or whatever other lethal weapons she keeps on her secret side of the bed that cause me to sleep with one eye open under NORMAL conditions. (She thinks I have a lot of term life coverage...little does she know the last premium funds had been instead wisely invested in Worldcom and NT Leaps, (and a few LU options).

    So I calmed myself, and re-composed, came back to read the challenge from Eva, MrSubliminal's significant other. So when Eva and my "girlfriend" Tanya started to compete for the affections of Don Bright, indeed, ET History was made. And the outburst of laughter caused my wife to move into the North Wing of the palatial estate (all in all not that bad....I had the good Sony 36" Vega to myself).

    A crowning achievement. And for some reason, the very next day my wife made me move the computer out of the bedroom. (Just in case of conjugal visits. Still waiting....)

    Ahhhhh, the warm memories:)

  8. LMAO........go ahead and send RS8.5 to the seems to be working just fine :D
  9. That's hysterical
  10. Can someone point me to this thread.

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