RRSP trading and the CRA

Discussion in 'Options' started by yuri_g, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. yuri_g


    Good morning all, I am able to successfully trade naked calls and puts in my Questrade account and make a little money.

    So I considered the possibility of trading options inside my RRSP. With this in mind I searched the CRA website and found all of the allowable investment vehicles that were permitted including naked calls and puts in a published bulletin.

    However it also stated that by writing calls I have produced something that did not exist, so am operating a business and so earning an income which is not permitted within an RRSP.

    I have no issue with that caveat however it red flagged that what if the same rules apply to a non-registered account?

    As the CRA can sometimes be fickle, I am wondering if they would then consider all of my capital gains to now be classed as income.....oh dear!

    Soooo I have not written any since reading this bulletin. Does anyone have any thoughts.