RR Discrepancy

Discussion in 'Options' started by pippin' 4 life, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm fairly new to options and had a question. I use Reuters E**** and I am looking at, for example, AUD/USD 3M 25D RR and for one quote from ICAP the Bid/Ask is 4.9/5.9.

    Now I have another quote that comes from a broker composite and I see Bid/Ask -6.15/-5.35 and from Tullet Prebon I see just the bid price but it's -5.53.

    So my question is who is showing the ~correct data? IF the negative bid/asks are correct, why is ICAP showing positives? Also, I looked at a chart going back 6 months or so and ICAP's chart shows that RR have always been positive for that time, and on the other hand the broker's chart shows that they were always negative... I find it hard to beleive that neither brokers' RR went into positive/negative territory over a 6 month period... What gives?

    Thanks for any insight into this!!!