ROYL is forming a bullish MACD divergence

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  1. Royale Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:ROYL) is forming a bullish MACD divergence on the daily chart that is certaintly a sign that price can go up. The stock is finding resistance around the 50-day moving average but is also finding support just above the $1.96. As for the longer term, I feel the stock can get back to $2.30-$2.40 toward the end of 2010. $2.07 is now a major resistance level on the upside, and close above $2.17 ( 200-dma ) would be very bullish. I like the chart pattern and feel that ROYL will try to break through resistance sometime this week. Keep a close eye on this stock, because once it breaks through, we should see a very fast, high volume move.
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  2. You need to get a divorce from that stock. There is too much risk for too little upside not to mention its very thinly traded. I am guessing you have been following this stock since jun 2008 when it spiked from $2 to $12 and you are hoping for that spike again.

    I'm sure others will agree with me that look at the charts that this stock is on a road to nowhere at best, and at worst a very slow death spiral. You are better off selling, cutting your losses and buying anything else.
  3. Instituionals are buying the stock......
  4. the stock crossed its 50- Day Moving Average price of $2.01
  5. Royale Continues Upward Momentum.......Heavy volume detected
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    nice call homie
  7. It seems the stock broke the resistance area at $2.07 and has moved decisively to the upside. That’s a powerful sign that high prices are likely to continue. Long positions may be considered on price weakness, with a stop-loss at $1.96. The next resistance it could encounter is at $2.20. Once that level is breached, the next resistance could be the 2.50 psychological area then 2.59. In addition, the On Balance Volume is increasing, this clearly shows that smart money is moving into the stock.

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  8. This is simply a short note to inform you that ROYL is now up over 5% and is starting to trade at a steady stream with no sign of slowing.
  9. Wow...a $2 stock with avg daily volume of 40k shares is up 5% after elections and news of QE2. How did you ever find such a gem?
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