Roy Williams

Discussion in 'Politics' started by vulture, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. Anyone just watch that interview, I believe it was with Bonnie Bernstein, where she kept asking him if he was going to be the coach of UNC...He tried politely to tell her "that is not very sensitive to ask that question at this time"...Then, she screwed up and pushed his button one more time "But would you take that positions"...Williams teed off on her, [...Listen, I know as a journalist you have to ask those questions. I can see that guy in your ear telling you to ask this question. But it's not a very sensitive thing to ask at this time. I could give a shit about North Carolina right now, I have 13 kids to worry about in that locker room....]

    No time for the producer to edit that one...That was pretty shocking...
  2. Why was it so hard for him just to say I'm not going to discuss that right now? No doubt the questioning was annoying but it was hardly unexpected.

    And that charging call on Kansas toward the end of the first half was atrocious. Likely 6 point swing that probably cost them the game. Made by the trail official who was out of position on the other side of the court.
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    Was a bad call but mitigated a bit by that intentional foul call next time down.