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    Hi guys, well i have spent an hour or so looking for info on the web, but i guess this is the best place for this. Can anyone point me to a right place or give me a breakdown of the various routing methods for stocks? How each route behaves (ex. first market maker then ECN, or only ECNs, or mmkt makers,) possibly other new methods that are out there.
    Anyone have this kind of info, or where to find it?

    Thanks a bunch guys.
  2. janko


    Thnx Original,
    this is what i wanted to know for other routes, or execution methods, like Soes, and others. i have found some info on, but i was just wondering if someone actually has a graphical chart for all possible routes, regardles of the broker.

    Thnx for your help though.

  3. The industry changes too fast for that, with exchanges buying ECN's etc. The chart would be out of date before it was completed.

    btw SOES doesn't exist anymore.