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  1. Anyone have any advice on good routers? D-link vs Linksys? Do you sacrifice much speed by going wireless?
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    I heard those new MIMOs are great for wireless.
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    I'm using wireless linksys wrt-54gs. It increased my ping time by 1 to 2ms on average as oppossed to going wired ethernet. Which is nothing. My net ping times for most sites is well under 100ms. I like the linksys boxes because the firmware can be upgraded for more performance or more options. I'm running a hacked firmware which allowed me to boost output tranmission power by 100%. And the box still runs cooler. I have had ZERO porblems since i had the box. It's been a year and counting.
  5. This is the Linksys new one that rollled.

    It's draft "N", but I read that the standard wasn't ratified - can't find the link though. (Slashdot I think). So you may be stuck with a router that you might have to replace when "N" is official.

    Though, some of the early reports I read said the set up is buggy for most of these early draft "N" types. (imagine that).
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    If you're serious, dont bother with retail routers - get a Cisco 871 or equivalent.
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    Price looks reasonable but how simple for a non techie to use?
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    Pretty easy actually, plus, Cisco support is legendary.

    Try researching it at
  9. Great advice. Cisco's stuff isnt cheap but its rock solid.
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    Would the 871 be sufficient for SOHO/SMB use, or would you get something like the PIX 506e firewall as well. I've been looking at replacing my router/firewall "all-in-one". I don't know much about Cisco's products, the 871 seems like a all-in-one. I guess the question is, should I look at the 506e or is that overkill.
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