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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gwb-trading, Jan 8, 2004.

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    Someone came out with a low cost Router with two upstream WAN ports. Can hook my DSL to one and Cable Modem for the other port for redundancy... also provides 8 downstream switch ports. All for $299
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    Well we had a similar discussion in another thread, I belive there are two other products on the market, one is < $200 other < $100.

    I currently have both cable/dsl, they feed into two computers for redundancy.

    I think the question still remains, if one of the connections goes down do you have to reconnect or log back into your broker?

    For example, if in the morning I log on to my trading platform, it gets assigned an IP address via the Cable modem. If Cable goes down an hour later, I believe the DSL doesn't know about my first connection, so it will not automatically pick up that connection. I believe I would have to log off and then log back on for a new different IP by DSL.

    Do you or anyone know if this is correct and if there is a way around it, so that there is no interruption in connectivity?

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    Thanks for your pointer to other products that fit this niche. I currently use a Cisco 2600 for doing this... a little bit of overkill.

    I expect that the connections from your computer to your local DSL/Cable Router are NATed. So your local computer network has separate network IP address assignments then your outside WAN connections. I expect that if your Broker supports computers behind a firewall (most do) then you should have no problem because the IP address from your PC assigned via DHCP would remain the same after the switchover. This means the broker would not drop the connection, and you would not have to re-login.

    - Greg
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    Greg, Thanks for your detailed explanation it makes sense. In my case, Tradestation does support computers behind a firewall. So TS would interface with a single WAN IP address.

    Out of the two products listed (Hawkings & Xicom) would you have any comment which one would be better?

    Hawkings seems to be 1/3 the price of XINCOM XC-DPG402.

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    wait before u invest.

    What you guys are trying to do is create a failsafe, fail over redundant WAN link using peanuts.

    First of all for clarity, the Public IP is logged by your broker as part of the login process and the keep alive link process.

    2nd when you swich the connection from the dsl to cable , the back end treats it as a new connection because your ip (public) has changed. and thus resulting in login again.

    you will have to login again when one connection dies. The application is also not failover designed.
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    simsim is selling a different model than the one with dual WAN port.

    But even if you have a router with the dual WAN ports. Still the application needs to be aware of the two connections.
  7. This is true. Has anyone developed a reliable way to re-logon to their broker software automatically via a different second connection ? I'd be interested to hear from anyone that has on how they did it.

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  9. Just got the DSL to go along with the Cable. It took a while longer with the holidays, etc. In any event, I am very satisfied, and the switch seems to be flawless. Highly recommended.
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    Great, thanks for reporting back.

    Connectivity is always a big concern, spending a few hundred extra on dsl with cable as backup is worth it. When I am away on the golf course this dual router will keep things humming for a automated trader like myself. :)
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