Router - which is THE BEST?

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  1. Fellow traders, I need the best router money can buy. OK maybe not the best but something super solid and stable. It will be used 16 hours a day 7 days a week 360 days a year, so i need something heavy duty and super reliable. What is out there that would not break the bank yet give me that Toyota reliability?
  2. LINKSYS WRT54GL... very well liked by Newegg buyers. I have had one for only a couple of months, but it's been solid.
  3. sorry I did not mention this before but I am looking for a wired router. Cannot be wireless.
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    Have a netgear fwg114p.
    Has stateful packet inspection.
    Great firewall.

    It replaced a Trendnet something-or-other.
    I was unsure about its firewall, so got the netgear.
    The Trendnet let me fake an IP address of 10.something, however (it was inadvertant, an accident) ;-)
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    I been using D Link DIR 655 Extreme N Wireless router for last few months...very fast and stable.... rated by PCWORLD and PCMAG as one of the best. Router was $120 PCI Xtreme N adapter $80.

    Note.... this router doesnt work well with Windows Vista for some reason(in numerous magazine articles) But if ur still using XP it is a great performer.

    Why anyone would want Vista in their older or new computer is beyond me..
  6. Any wireless router I know of also has wired sockets, and thus is a wired router too.

    Btw. why do you switch off the router 8 hours a day? Haven't seen a router that isn't up 24/7.

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  8. Linksys have been rock solid for me. All wireless routers come with at least 4 ports for wired installs. It makes no sense not to get wireless and just disable the wireless feature. I avoid D-Link and SMC.
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    there is plenty of them...i still use 3-5 years old routers without single reset and they work just fine 24/7. netgear,belkin,linksys...
    imo-it's all depends on load on your side and quality from your internet provider.
    here is ultimate geek project-

  10. By best i think you mean most robust. That can mean many things and i won't go into that here. I assume you don't need most of the software features usually implemented on a router. Some assumptions:

    - No need for dynamic routing protocols: You're at home and can configure routes manually.
    - You want a firewall: better it is the more you like it.
    - You'd like the thing to run and run and never need to be touched.
    - You'd like it to be tamper proof
    - You're technically competent: needed due to the initial configuration (plug it into the USB port on a system running the management interface). It's not hard but will scare non-technical people like everything done for them. It's done this way as it enables the awesome security (at all levels) of the product.

    A product that easily meets all of those needs is a firewall from Lucent (now Alcatel-Lucent). It is an appliance firewall, which does route though, and sits on your network as a layer 2 or 3 device depending upon how you configure it.

    As it's an "appliance" it runs a stripped down OS called inferno and a remote management front-end from which the initial config is built and the firewall/router is managed over time. You can regard the remote interface as the higher level functions that often run on a firewall/router (making it more vulnerable and (sometimes) unstable but divorced from the actual hardware. Note: This device doesn't need to be in contact with the management station to do it's job. The interface just gives you visibility and control of the device - primarily for control over the firewall aspect of it.

    You probably don't know much about this piece of kit but I'm telling you that it's very likely to be everything you need and more. It can be pricey but the low end models are fairly cheap. And if you're wondering whether I'm talking crap then please bear in mind that it was developed originally for the US military, it's never been hacked and I'm unaware of any vulnerabilities reported by CERT.

    This thing has bullet proof stability, is extremely secure (forget the other firewallls mentioned in this thread, it's in another league) and at the low end isn't all that pricey. I recommend that you look into it. Here's a link to some info I quickly found though I recommend you do more investigation:;jsessionid=ZFQSR5ILGHSRHLAWFRSHJIFMCYWGQTNS

    Also, remember that Alcatel-Lucent aren't set up to deal with individual retail customers so your challenge will be to find an avenue through which you can buy the thing. but I think they do have some channel partners through which you may be able to sort something out.

    So they're you have some food for thought. I have no doubt that this product will more than meet your needs.


    p.s. You can also run these devices in hot standby mode.
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