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  1. Can someone please bring me up to speed on wireless routers? I have an older Linksys model that just doesn't cut it anymore (dropped signal, etc)..

    Anyway I want to have one computer (trading rig) hardwired in and a wireless connection for a laptop. Also if possible I would like to be able to print from the laptop (wireless printing). I have a new HP 4 in 1 printer/fax/copier scanner and has a usb connection.

    Do I just get a router and that a usb connetion and plug the HP into that? Would I be able to print wlrelessly then?

    Also I noticed they have new 802.11n routers. Do I need that or is it overkill? What about a hardwired gigabit connection? Is that necessary?

    Sorry for all the questions - as you can tell I'm not too tech savvy (LOL).


  2. There's a few options and I am no expert by any stretch.

    1) Print Server. Something like this -

    2) Here's what I do - I keep the desktop that is hard wired on at all times and have the printer connected into that computer. Then you can view the printer over your local network and print through that connection. The catch is that the desktop must be on for this to work.
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  4. So I would need a router that has not only a usb port but also a print server too? I'm trying to avoid having to keep my trading PC on 24/7 in order to print off my laptop....

    What are the advantages of the gigabit ports? A regular wired port will run a 15mb internet connection correct?

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    In the future you might want to think about buying printers that are "LAN ready" that way you can just plug it into your router, which in turn will assign it an IP address which can be seen across your entire network as an appliance. That way you can print from any machine that is on your network (either wired or wireless). If your printer does not have an ethernet port, but has a USB port, then you might want to consider buying a router that supports USB. If you have neither and are not willing to purchase either, then you have to purchase a separate print server, which is a small router-like looking appliance which connects your printer to your router.
  6. that's exactly what I do. :eek:
    But if I had to buy everything new allover again I'd do it differently. Currently I'm running a WRT54GL router which is amazing. My printer sucks though, it doesnt have wireless printing capability. LAN ready printers are a necessity nowadays.
  7. The printer I have does indeed have a USB port. I guess my question is if I buy a router with a usb port will I be able to print from my laptop wirelessly without having my main pc powered on?

  8. You have 3 choices...

    1) As already suggested, plug (usb) your printer into the hardwired desktop. Set up the printer to be shared, keep the desktop on 24/7 and you'll be able from your wireless laptop anytime.

    2) Buy a USB print-server. Connect the print server to the router, connect the printer to the print-server. You will get what you pay for. Not recommeded, imo.

    3) Buy an Ethernet and/or Wireless printer. This would be my recommendation.