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  1. I got a new router from one of my ISP providers today. I ran a shileds up test (Thomson ST546 v6 Router) All ports stealth but the pc replied to Ping Requests. I did not get any help from my ISP provider about setting up the router not to reply to ping requests, also one of the other routers from another ISP provider keeps droping the connection when it gets HOT. Voyager 210 Router. I contacted them and this too was a waste of time as they will only replace this router with the exact same router even though there are known issues with this router when it gets HOT. I am not much of a tech guy so I am looking for a bit of help with setting up the Thomson router not to reply to ping requests and advice on getting a new router to replace the Voyager. I am running 3 ADSL2 lines, 2 into my trading rig with 2 ethernet cards installed and no dual wan router. I was considering getting the hotbrick but I hear its a bit of bitch to set up correctly with little support. Again any help is most welcome.

    Thank you

    Any help from the tech people here is most welcome.
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    I have a Hotbrick.. it takes some patience to set it up but I'm an amateur and I did it... once you have your trading machine behind a whitelist firewall you will have an "aha moment".. no need to do microsoft upgrades or have any virus or spyware software.. you only open up the firewall to your broker unless your trading software has to phone home to a license server...

    Windows is fundamentally flawed from the outset for internet.. it's security is based on permission levels and is way too complex to ever not have hacker holes in it... Unix /Linux /OSX etc.. are set up to have permissions based on memory areas, it's much simpler and much harder to screw up regarding security... a Windows machine for business has to be whitelisted to only some very trustworthy url's and the Hotbrick can do that...

    I had one Hotbrick go bad on me in a thunderstorm.. the modem survived, the computer survived but the Hotbrick got killed.. I didn't have it cabled through the suppressors on my power strips either.. could have easily, would have meant just one more six foot cat5 cable.. did I bother to do it?? NOOOOO, that would have been too much trouble... so I got another one... there is the easy way to learn and the other way, I learn the other way a good deal of the time actually....
  3. Thank you for your responce. Would you have the time to provide some help with setting up the Hobrick if I purchased one?
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    can you put your own router? cascade couple routers together?
  5. I never had any dealings with setting up a daul wan router so I got another Ethernet card put in the trading rig and I run 2 seperate routers using 2 seperate adsl2+ lines to this machine and rely on xp failover when 1 line drops. What I want to do is set up the router/routers only to accept traffic from data eSignal/Topgun and NT. I don't use anti-virus or anti-spyware programs on the trading rig as I only use it to trade. Any help your guys can give how to set up the router/routers is very welcome.

    Thank you
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    I'm not sure I could be that much help really, I simply went through all the setup choices and googled to learn the basics on each one, so many are totally irrelevant...

    Sure, I'll try to help right here in this thread... I just go into "Security Management" and then the "URL Filter" section and put in all the url's [the whitelist] needed for trading and set it to whitelist... I use another computer and a free program called Prio to capture the url's in the case that I can't find out what they are any other way....

    Then there is another section, and I cannot recall what it is, that has to have something changed because by default the Hotbrick won't pass the Shields Up Ping Test... you have to change something so it doesn't respond to pings... then it will pass all the stealth tests, not that they matter, once it's whitelisted a hacker can find you with a ping but he cannot get through unless he can spoof a url in the whitelist.. and he has no clue what's in your whitelist, he'll waste a little time and move on to easier prey... besides the router by default cannot be spoofed, it checks things..

    I have a modem, that goes to a 4 port switch, that goes to a normal router for the surfing machine and to the Hotbrick for the trading machine and a wireless router so the rest of the house can have internet.. it all works 24/7 hassle free really...

    I have not done Dual WAN routing but the setup is very simple, you plug them into WAN1 and WAN2 and go into the Hotbrick setup [that is all done by browsing to a numerical url supplied with the router btw] and tell the Hotbrick that one of them is primary and the other is secondary and some little details about failover... you test it by just pulling the primary cable out of the router.. and you can set it up to share bandwidth.. not sure about the details of that at all... I'd like to get fiber brought to the house and get a super fast internet and keep the DSL for secondary use... the Fiber goes out in a power outage I think but the copper phone lines are battery powered and they keep going...
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    Having separate routers for each machine makes each computer have a different url so a hacker can't use your surfing machine to find the url of your trading machine... I doubt that really buys me anything but I take some small satisfaction in that...
  8. What model of the Firebrick do you have? LB2 Model? Does that work with ADSL2+ Broadband connections? My old routers for my previous normal dsl lines wouldn't work with the new adsl2+ Lines. Does Hotbrick provide service aggreements? Can you provide a link to your model if different from LB2 Model.

    Thank you.