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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by huge230, Jan 15, 2007.

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    I have recently installed a hotbrick LB-2 with a dsl and cable connection but am having some troubles. The internet seams to have a mind of its own. Sometimes it will be really fast and sometimes it wont even want to work. This is not the case with only the internet connection plugged in my computer, so it defiantly has something to do with the router.
    I cant even finish a speed test on internet frog or dsl reports. It starts and then stops. I installed the Hotbrick as the instructions said to. Any ideas what is wrong? Also it makes a clicking noise every now and again as well. Not to often but thought id mention it. Does it sound like the router is bad?
  2. A clicking noise from the router? It could have a fan inside it that is bad. Try logging in to the router and pinging an external network. Your router manual should tell you how to get to the WebUI . Normally you just bring your web browser up and point it to or

    from there you should see 'dropped packets' and other connection related issues. Have you given tech support a buzz?
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    Thanks for the reply, Sorry I found out the clicking was not from the router but nonetheless it does not work correctly. I went in looking for the log of lost packets but it didn't have anything. The download speeds are horrible. I just hooked it up again to try it (I had to switch back to my dlink router with 1 connection) and tried speed test from dsl reports and internet frog between the 2 routers and the dsl single WAN router is 2-3 times faster with much higher QofS and latencies. I may have to try and send it back but it has been almost a month so hopefully tigerdirect will take ti back.
  4. Go to their web site and see if they have a firmware update. I had a linksys router once that gave me a lot of issues but after I updated the firmware it worked great.

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    I did try that but I will try ti again though to make sure.
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    Do you have filters (dsl) on all the tv's and portable phones?? If so how old are they? Do you have satellite too? If so and the satellite modem for ordering movies must have a filter on it too.

    Your router may have a built in firewall--Check and see and if so adjust the settings.

    Hope this helps.

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    I do not have a landline, just cell, so no need for filters.
    Im not sure what you mean by TV filters though?
    And no satellite.
    The router does have a firewall built in but dont see any settings that could be changed. Everything that can eb is turnt of. I bought the Hotbrick LB-2 because of all the good things Ive heard but Im not so sure I made the right choice now
  8. The Hotbrick is GREAT...
    If you can get it working with your configuration.
    It's by far the best router I have... out of 5 in front of me.

    The big trick to get the HotBrick to work with DSL is:

    (1) Update Firmware to latest.

    (2) Drop the MTU from 1492 to 1400. At 1492 my HotBrick was like your description.
    Sometimes one must experiment with the MTU... Google it for more explicit information.

    Also Cable only works on WAN 1... DSL works on either 1 or 2.

    It's worth it... if you can get it working.
    The load balancing effectively doubles your download speed...
    And since I chose to balance by "packet"...
    My internet has been super reliable... CLEARLY more robust than ever...
    So the balancing algorithm does provide a measure of failover in common, short "brown-out" situations.

    About 6 months ago...
    I was never able to get the Xincom DGP502 to work...
    Which is ** identical inside ** and made by the same Chinese factory as the LB-2...
    So, today, it makes a beautiful paperweight.