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    Ok, so I have my home office set up where my 3 desktop pc's share an internet connection through a hard wired router in the same room. I'm thinking of going wireless for my desktops to get rid of all the external wires. I'm having difficulty understanding the difference between a wireless router and a wireless access point? They seem to perform the same function. Can someone enlighten me? Like I said, I'm thinking of going wireless for my 3 desktops which are all in the same room, but will eventually get a notebook where I'd like to roam around the house wireless connected to the internet and/or possibly moving some of my desktops to other parts of my house. Thanks anyone.
  2. If they are all in the same room why bother with a wireless setup? Hardwire much more reliable imo. I tried a wireless setup with computers in different rooms and it didnt take long for me to go back to hardwire.
  3. A wireless access point is a «virtual port» for a wireless router, this the samething than the port on a router, a port is a physical plug on a router, you have need of this virutal plug on a wireless router and we rename it access point.

    BTW, I agree with the comment above this message that hardwire cable router are more reliable than the wireless and I don't use wireless for critical trading!
  4. North Pesos,
    ... so, I presume that if you had a '4 port router', you could plug in 3 computers, and the 4th port goes to a '4 port Access point router', to which you could connect another 4 computers? The access point will give a sub:sub ip to those last 4 computers?

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  5. It sounds like a wireless access point is a wireless connection for the WAN side of the wireless router?
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    So, if I have a router and some hubs want to leave my wire connections as is, and add some wireless connections, would I just get a Wireless Access Point and plug it into the router and still let the router handle the DHCP?
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    i've had wireless setup for quite some time....its really great and hassle-free. smc barricade 4-port wireless router. built-in firewall and much more. great uptime.
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    I strongly recommend this product. Gives you wireless access throughout your home PLUS gives you 3 local hardwired ports, which gives local PC's WAN access.

    It is extremely reliable......correction, it is as reliable as your broadband connection is reliable. I have Optimum On Line (Long Island, NY), and availability is excellent, which makes this the optimal trading solution for me. Beats the hell out of running cables throughout your house - but gives you that option.

    Only downside is that I would love to trade outside by the pool or on my deck, but my notebook does NOT have enough screen real estate for this.
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    P.S. to last post,

    As far as reliability is concerned, if you are worried that your wireless router is a point of failure, you can either:

    (a) have a 2nd one available (they are cheap)


    (b) If router goes south, plug the Ethernet cable from your
    PC directly into your WAN port of your cable modem, thus
    bypassing router (takes all of 20 seconds).

    Now you have your reliability issue taken care, and have a much more versatile solution.
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    oh, and make sure you buy a UPS for the modem (dsl or cable) and router. :)
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