Router Having Sporadic Outages or Hangups

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  1. I am using a Netgear router that has been running like a champ for a few years now. Recently I've been having these internet hangups where my internet will go out for a few seconds to an hour or more. Initially I thought it might be the internet service itself since it's had hangups before but over the weekend when it went out, I just unplugged the router and plugged it back in and it came back up quickly. I repeated this again later.

    So it appears to me that the router is suddenly just hanging up or freezing. Like I said, I did the 'unplug, plug back in' normal fix but it's not fixing it this time.

    Any other suggestions from our tech guys or is it time to find a new router?

    If it is time to just scrap this one, what are reliable brands/models to look at?

  2. put a fan on it and see how it behaves
  3. I do have a small one on it, forgot to mention that. thanks!
  4. i like a hotbrick.
  5. Have you tried by passing the router to see if your ISP is kicking you off?

    I'm not a techie but I think you are resetting your modem when you unplug and replug the router.
  6. You can try a firmware update. Probably dying a slow death. I am happy with my new Lynksys WRT54GL. Or you might want to try the new D link gaming router.

    The problem with the lower end dual wan router is the max at 20 mg throughput.
  7. Open it up and take a peek inside. Does it have any bulging or oozing electrolytic capacitors? I had a few phucking Dells crap out (technical term that one) due to these cheap chinese caps.
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    Im using one now (Xtreme-N dual band) and its performing like a piece of shit. My $90 Netgear worked way better. Not impressed with D-Link at all.

    I am actually going to get a new router today, Thinking about a Lynksys
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    I went through a lot of routers at one point. Then I changed my DSL provider and suddenly I had a half dozen routers that all worked fine 24/7...
  10. Hmm? I had just read reviews of the wired D link gaming router, don't recall exact model as it's been a month. If you go with Lynksys WRT54GL consider upgrading to 3rd party firmware such as Tomato or DD-WRT as they have been more stable/have a lot more options, than legacy firmware. I have been using tomato for about a month and works good.
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