Router FIRMWARE Upgrade Help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Handsome, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. I have had a zonet router for a year or so and just tonight thought I would upgrade the firmware since I have that option listed under the tools section of the router info...

    But I don't know what they mean when they ask me to:

    "Enter the path and name of the upgrade file "

    What do I put as this path thing and name of upgrade file?? I never took a screen shot b-4 but just did..I hope you can see it.
  2. 0. Read the manual! :D

    1. Make sure you're connecting with a cable (not a wireless connection).

    2. Download the firmware upgrade to your local PC (for example to the c:\temp\ folder)

    3. Go to that screen you posted in the router configuration and then click "Browse", then browse to the location you saved the file and click OK.

    4. Cross your fingers and pray....
  3. Thanks but that is where I am confused..they want me to name the file and the path.

    So for the path I should put in :

    c:\temp\ folder ?

    and then call it firmware?

    Like this:

    c:\temp\ folder \ firmware

    EDIT: they want me to put in a file name and then browse somewhere?? and then I will click on Apply after that I guess I will automatically get the firmware?
    I dunno.
    I'm sorry I am stupid about computers. (Mo-fo computers are more complicated than woman)
  4. Tums


    where are you keeping the upgrade file?
  5. That's just it. I don't have it. That screenshot I posted is from the router site but when I go to the tools section of my router while I am online I get the same screen that ask me for file path and file name and then I am to hit APPLY and I guess I then get the file from the ZONET site.

    I don't know what to name it and what a file path is (or what I should put into that empty space where they want me to name it and enter a file path?

    My router model # is ZSR0104D

    Maybe someone here can find my firmware but when I go to their site and enter my model number I don't see firmware for me but yet in my router guide in my computer I see a firmware available under the router tools section...
    I dunno

    I appreciate all the help I am getting but I just don't feel like I am explaining it properly due to I don't know what the fvck I am talking about.
  7. If there was a firmware upgrade available, you would most likely download it from the Zonet webpage for your specific product. Once you had downloaded it to your computer into a folder, you would point the firmware upgrade screen in the router setup to the location of this file in the format "c:\folder\file.dat" (may not end in "dat" just a guess).

    There may not be an upgrade available at this time, the mere presence of the setup screen option to update firmware does not indicate one is available - the manufacturer was planning ahead...

    Here's an example of a different router that does have a firmware upgrade available. DO NOT use this on your router, it is just an example:

  8. Thanks a lot smitty. You really cleared up things for me...since I have never ever did any firmware before I had no clue how to go about it. But you made it clear and thanks also for that other router example..

    I now understand that there is no firmware available for my router cause if there was it would be listed for my model number like the example you gave me..

    Thanks again and thanks a lot also to the others who replied and also were helpful..