Rounds Or Bars For Physical Holdings

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Rounds or bars for bullion products

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  1. Bars

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  2. Rounds

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  1. Just a survey. Which do you prefer rounds or bars for physical holdings of precious metals? I prefer bars because on the off chance a round is picked up and dropped it won't roll away from you.

  2. Certain rounds have better premiums due to some collectors value. They are just cooler overall. It's an opportunity for a nice design.

    Bars are better for consolidating ounces into one bullion piece and there is a niche market for older, unique bars, especially from silver companies that have been acquired by the big ones.
  3. 1) 1-2. :)
    2) You may get injured if you drop a bar on your foot? :confused:
    3) ! .... ? ..... ?? .... did I count 19,999 rounds or 20,000? Recount! :eek: :( :mad:
  4. pspr


    If you've got 20,000 1 oz. gold coins you can afford to pay someone else to count them.

    Government minted coins will be easier to trade for goods after the apocalypse, too.
  5. 1) ?....??.... ! .... you "quoted" me before I edited my post. :p
    2) You're bullish on gold still? :confused: :eek:
  6. I'll count them for you for free!

    Hmm...looks like you are about 1,000 gold bars short. Oh well.

    <walks away very slowly as if pants he is wearing weigh 80+troy pounds.>
  7. It depends what you want it for.

    If you think it's going to become currency, then rounds and smaller rounds. Who's going to have change for an ounce of gold when you want to buy food? Get half ounces, tenth ounces, grams, etc.

    If you want to hold it because you don't trust the financial system to survive your investment and you have no intenetion of ever using it as currency, bars are probably better.
  8. pspr


    1) Not my fault.

    2) I'm not opinionated on gold all though I have a little from previous years. Unless you can tell me when/if the apocalypse will arrive.

    3) Piel will count your 20,000 gold coins for you for free. Watch him close, though. :D