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  1. God what an effing idiot. The bleeding has only begun.
  2. Clearly I need a vacation.
  3. S2007S


    is he serious.

    I stopped posting these articles a while back because it was just getting so pathetic how they can actually think a bottom is near. They thought the bottom was near a year ago and yet it seems like there is no bottom in site.

    Pay attention to the $1.5-$2 trillion dollars worth of ARMS resetting over the next 6-12 months. Will see where the housing industry is after another 500,000-1,00,000 go into foreclosure. We are no where near a bottom, housing prices still have plenty of room to fall.
  4. My brother is adding his name to the list. June 4rth he is letting his house go, they offered him to redo the loan wheree the 1st year the payments would double, also there would be closing costs again. He said you can have it and will move into a really nice house that he will rent for cheaper than hes paying now. I actually think we havent seen anything yet as far as how low they will go/homebuilders
  5. How do you get on the talking head circuit? Apparently all you have to do is keep making "calls" until one of them is right and then ride it for all it's worth until you make another correct call.

    I can do that and flirt with the cute chicks on CNBC at the same time. No prob.

    I hear the money is BIG. It's BIG I tell you.