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  1. Markus


    In addition to the presentation, there is a 50 pages detailed description of the "Law of Charts", the "Traders Trick Entry" and "how to identify a congestion" available.

    Go to, and submit your e-mail address.

    Then you receive a 1MB PDF-File with all that information. I think it is too big to post here.

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  2. J-Law


    Has anyone out there currently spread trading. Ross is an advocate of it.

    I used to watch floor traders on the NYBOT spread cotton and OJ. But those are floor traders whom can see the market.

    Researching the approach. & trying to ....

    1) quantify the edge if any.

    2) Obtain current on what works. Howard Abell's book say that eurodollar is a good thick market as well as the grains. But book was published in the early 90's.
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  3. dottom


    I have no problems with taking a look at other people's ideas either. In fact, sometimes even looking at a flawed idea or an idea with no real trading advantage to it can itself give me an idea. That's why as a trader you are always reading, learning, asking questions, making hypothesis, and testing your methods.

    However, where I do draw the line is when I get marketing material making specific claims about how certain methods provide a trading edge only to find (after spending my own time objectifying the method from book to 100% mechanical rules that can be testing on any market in any time frame) that the methods provide no edge whatsoever. This is when I think that the author is in the business of selling ideas regardless of whether the ideas work.

    This is my biggest gripe with many vendors and authors out there. I have no problem with being open to new ideas, but when a vendor or author claims that their methods/techniques/systems will give you an edge, I will call that vendor or author on their claim if no such edge can be verified after 100% objective analysis.

    I've tested methods described in the Joe Ross books and have found no measurable trading advantage. If you want to get into a discussion about "Joe Ross the vendor" or "Joe Ross the trader" or "Joe Ross the CTA" then let me know. I think Joe Ross has reinvented himself as an "educator" with the advent of the internet, but he cannot escape his past.
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  4. Markus



    i am exclusively trading spreads and make nice profits. I am trading spreads in the grains, the meat-markets and interest rates (ED.US and TY).

    For me the major advantages of spread trading are the following:
    1. Trading spreads takes less time than daytrading, that I did before
    2. It requires much less margin (I am trading a rather small account) and
    3. Spreads trend more often than outright futures and the trend usually lasts longer.

    I think, I have a lot of experience in spread-trading.
    What kind of information do you need?

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  5. J-Law



    Cut to the chase. What's the deal with Joe Ross???

    Do you know anything about his spread trading approaches ???

    Or anything else he is peddling ??
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  6. J-Law



    Ahh, a like minded individual.

    I just finished daytrading listed equities with a firm on the street as well. & now I'm reassessing my approaches and find myself reading (re) Abell's book and migrating back to F&O.

    I don't know where to start. Have you quantified an edge ?? How long do you hold for. What is your signal to get in ??

    Where are you finding the relationships to trade??

    The picture is kinda of hazy if you know what I'm getting at. Not to be nosy but are you trading a small acct of 15,000 or 50,000.

    You can see all these questions have ariisen because I would like to go about this correctly with a well thought out plan of attack.



    ps I think you're te only trader on this site that may have even heard of the term old crop/new crop :)
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  7. Are you recieving all of the chapters of the Ross pdf? Do you have the earlier chapters? Thanks

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  8. Markus


    I am trading the grains, the meat-markets and some interest rates as spreads. I am looking for a daily volume of about 2000 contracts in the outright futures to consider them trading as a spread. All in all I am watching about 16 different spreads.
    If you want, I can post a list of spreads I am watching.

    I am entering and exiting these spreads based on the Joe Ross' techniques.

    My account size is around $30,000.

    Yes, I definitely heard about that term :)
    What about starting a new threat about spread trading?

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  9. Not sure about his spread trade book, but i have to agree w/ dottom, that Ross Hooks and counting higher low's etc. provides no edge and makes at least 2 of his $150.00 books not worth wiping ur a$$ with the paper it's printed on.
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  10. Markus


    Yes, I recently signed up for all chapters, but I haven't received any so far (except that introduction).

    I am currently waiting for the next chapters.

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