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  1. I found a PowerPoint presentation on Ross Hooks last year on a site but I have since lost it. Does anyone know of the location of this Joe Ross presentation? Thanks

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  3. I got a Joe Ross book from the library the other day. Electronic Trading TNT something.

    About a 1/2 star on the 4 star scale folks. Anyway, in the front there is this disclaimer that the manual is printed with special light sensitive ink and if you photocopy it, it will result in "total destruction" of the print on that page.

    Is it just me or does that make the average reader want to copy it just to check out this cool ink that vanishes when exposed to bright light. :eek:
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    I have all the Ross books (books the size of encyclopedias with everything written in 18pt and 16pt font!). I coded 100% mechanical rules to trade the Ross Hooks a few years ago and they did not show any kind of an edge. There are also a couple subjective methods described as well (like entering positions in anticipation of a potential hook breakout). I've found the subjective methods work well in trending markets with lots of breakouts, and get killed every other time.
  5. yeah, I have several of his books as well...While the content is good in some books, lacking in others, the format is really awkward...Those large fonts with the wide spacing, ugly bar charts...And yeah, they are the size of encyclopedias...
  6. Besides the large fonts, in the book I read he likes to refer to his other books a lot, as in, "see XXXX for a more complete description of the technique and how to incorporate it into your trading strategies. I hate that.
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    I haven't read the books, so there may be nuggets there of which I'm not aware, but I have read what's available on his site, and I see no difference between his setup and those of Lo, Raschke, Pristine, et al, i.e., entering retracements in trends.

    On the other hand, if a trader finds that he has difficulty determining the presence or absence of trend, much less the direction of it, Ross' PowerPoint presentation does a nice job of making this all clear.

  8. He is by far one of the most knowledgeable people in the trading industry.

    Joe needs no defending, nor does his methods. 15 Years later and his most basic methods are the foundations to my success.

    Good luck.
  9. Too many people out there are looking for some set way to trade. Its a discovery and Joe's methods are no different than anyone else.

    You study it, you grab what you like, and you implement it into your trading strategy. Simple as that.

    I have the newest publications sent to me monthly, 99% which I have I either can not understand or have no use for it in my trading, but if I find one method or idea that opens my eyes to possibilities, then I am thankful to that author.
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