Rosie O'Donnell's Heart Attack

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  1. TGregg


    So Rosie O'Donut is hanging out in some parking lot (Ben & Jerry's maybe?) and some 400+ pound porker drives up and parks. The newcomer is so fat. . . (how fat is she?). . . she's SO fat, she cannot get out of her car. She's stuck!

    I am not making any of this up.

    So Rosie waddles on over to be of assistance. And she tries to help. They are breathing hard, sweating, grunting and working very hard to squeeze this mountain of a woman from her car! Finally, out she popped. And the car felt like it had just given birth. Exhausted, Rosie staggers away and has a HEART ATTACK!! I kid you not.

    So Rosie wrote about it at her blog and has been milking this for everything it is worth. And she's offering advice to women regarding health. Any guesses on what it might be? Maybe eating a vegetable once in a while? Perhaps mentioning that one shouldn't drive to ice cream stands for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks but should walk on over there once a day? Naw, nothing that requires so much effort. She just mentions that women need to remember to go see their doctors and call 911!

  2. nursebee


    Did you hear Martina Navratilove died?

    They found her face down in Rikki Lake
  3. Lucrum


    It's really a shame she survived.
  4. She's got a heart?