Rosenthal or Dorman with Mirus

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by sub5mango, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. sub5mango



    I want to open an account with mirus futures to trade ES.

    They offer two clearing houses:

    Rosenthal Collins Group

    Any recommendations or info on which would be best/safest? I am based in the UK.
  2. ssblack


    They're both solid. Take your pick.
  3. Surdo


    Either choice is fine... RCG is larger and older.
    Most contact you will have will be Mirus' desk or customer service.

    el surdo
  4. Does Mirus offer ACH transfers yet ?
  5. DmanX

    DmanX Guest


    Still old school wires and checks.
  6. RCG
  7. Between RCG & Dorman, I would choose Dorman.

    True, they have less cust. seg. funds; I know some of the people who work there & I would feel safe doing business with them.

    Of course, I live in Chicago & work @ CME so I get around :D
  8. You mean you wouldn't feel safe doing business with RCG? Why?
  9. WTF. Why ?
    Little Investools/ThinkorSwim have had it for over 2 years now...
    wire transfers have gone the way of the fax machine.
    WTF !!