Rorschach Test for all you Budding Economists

Discussion in 'Trading' started by circadian, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. It's a chart of the USD/JPY.

    Do you see:

    A) The greatest USD/JPY buying opportunity of a lifetime?


    B) The true value of our great fiat greenback?

    (See the Chart Below)
  2. When we've seen 30% moves in major currencies and the usdjpy is only recently off about 10-15%, i don't see anything worthy of getting excited about yet...

    that said, usdjpy can be 80 just as easily as it can be 110. I think its more compelling lower.
  3. wait one, chart to follow...........
  4. I think the AUD/JPY is looking like an awesome buy. Anyone?

    It was the very first JPY cross to get blasted into oblivion. I also checked the data going back to 1990 (no Aussie data before that - what is pre-float??) and it's all time low was somewhere around 58.
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  6. I like audjpy too.. great value. price target: 80.

    [that would be nice.... when will this damned deleveraging end!!!]
  7. Well, that is the question. I can't believe this can go on for much longer. But then again, there's that whole "market can remain irrational far longer than investors can remain solvent" thingy.
  8. I just don't know about all of that. These mulit-decade technicals just keep playing with my emotions. I took TOS back as far as it would let me on the AUD/JPY, and it looks like it's either going to be a big, mean H&S, or a triple bottom that actually holds. Take a gander..........
  9. The head and shoulders would imply a move much, much lower. So where does it go? Does anyone here honestly believe AUD/JPY can go to something like 30? 20??
  10. Its a developed country currency for heavens' sakes... !! Anyone have some Aussie GDP / debt/surplus /etc figures ?
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