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  1. Hi guys....I hope some of you can give me an advise about how to start my career as a trader....I don't have 25.000 to start by myself...I follow the market, I study Tech. Ana. at the NYIF...but I need to get a Job!!! I need to learn how to trade with other's money...

    I live in NY, how easy is to be a proprietary trader....I don't want to be a sales man, looking for people's money......I want to be trained and show what I got....

    Please I need an orientation
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    there are some firms that don't require the down payment but you then sacrifice 40 to 50 percent of your profits to them in return.
  3. go to

    Search for "trader"

    Do you live in NYC? That is where a lot of the jobs are.

    Good luck.
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    There are many fields of trading. Are purely interested in trading Equities, and options. Also, training is the most important thing for a Rookie, after possibly salary while training.

    Electronic Trading Group -
    Worldco, do not know their web address.

    Do not need you to put up any cash, they are just looking for focused, die hard young traders.

    But, sadly, that market is extremely choppy, and traders are not really wanted by buldge firms, right now.

    Good luck
  5. Getting Into A Prop Firm in NYC is not too tough. But actually trading is VERY tough right now. Even people who made hundreds of thousands or millions in '98 or '99 or even '00 are up little or down this year. The % of successful traders is very small now, even among those who used to be highly successful! FIrms are getting stingier than ever, and for good reason. If moved to NYC for this, and if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have, at least not now.
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    Go to school!:D
  7. Look the hitman up at WORLDCO and jump right in with both feet. There is no time like R+I+G+H+T_N+O+W! Times a wasting ...every day you aren't in is another wasted day, another day you are behind. get moving!!! take charge of your life before it;s too late. if you dont make a decision to get it in gear then someone will make it for you.
  8. 1) If you don't have five grand, save up at least five grand.

    2) Get a night job, a high speed internet connection, and a $100 a month or less real time quote and chart service.

    3) Trade with IB in teeny tiny lots never risking more than a very small portion of your stake on any one trade.

    4) Get your butt kicked and learn by experience and the school of hard knocks.

    5) Every time your stake is down to $2500, stop trading and save up until it is at least back to $5,000. Use this down time to study and think about your mistakes.

    6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you either a) quit in disgust, or b) have learned how to trade.

  9. In my opinion this is not true at all.

    There are dozens of books on how to trade, how much to risk, how to approach the markets, blah blah blah, the information in these books is all the "training" you need apart from real world experience.

    There is absolutely no substitute for getting into the ring and taking real punches. The second that real money is on the line, all of the paper trading and seminar tips go right out the window. Save the fees that "educational" firms will charge you and get some real world experience under your belt instead.
  10. Nice one darkhorse sounds like the plan to follow.

    (I like the part about quitting in disgust, really made me laugh.)
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