Rookie: What should I do to benefit from this forum?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by samcai, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. samcai


    Dear All:

    I stepped into int'l trade this Aug. Everything's new and exiting.
    I love it. Well, let me make a brief intro first. I am in a small craft facory in Guang Dong Province, China. We became Golden Supplier of ALIBABA this Sep and I am in charge of this.
    I wish to learn more about trading in English websites like Elite Trader, but there are so much info and I found many new words and phrases. This makes me frustrated.

    I need your advice on this.

    Tks in advance!

    Sam Cai

    Assistant Manager
    Summit Crafts Industrial Limited.
  2. simonee


    Be focused and you have to know what you are searching for, than when you know , search for it and you will understand it, when you don’t ask!
  3. this website is not good for people wishing to trade physicals like commodities, goods etc. most of the focus of the ET group is trading derivatives or stocks (shares). Most of the people are screen traders or some were on the floor and trying to migrate....
    Good luck however....
  4. How would this website have anything to do with international trade...? This is a website of speculators in the stock market and such...

    I think whey you searched for have misinterpreted Elite Trader...

    This site has nothing to do with import, export, finance or marketing...

  5. samcai


    Thank you all!

    Like andrasnm said I made mistakes searching int'l trade info here. Any way, thanks you all the same, simonee, andrasnm, especially Electric Savant and Wallace for their analysis and advice.