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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by nravo, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. nravo


    The ESTX50: Is this an Index or a futures contract? And if it is a futures contract are their options on the futures -- or just on the index.
  2. MTE


    My guess it's a futures contract based on what I can see on IB's website as well Eurex's.
  3. nravo


    Yeah, well IB tells me it's only an index option not a futures option. And It's not clear to me from Eurex's site. No one in this group trade this?
  4. FGBL07


    The Eurex site states that the underlying for their DJ EURO STOXX 50® Index Options is the DJ EURO STOXX 50® Index.

    What is unclear about that?
  5. definately an index futures, no different to nasdaq,SP, russel, dow, dax CAC and any other index futures you can think of
  6. nravo


    So, there really are no options on the ESTX50 FUTURES, just on the index, am I correct?
  7. def

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    The key is what it settles into. It is cash settlement.
  8. nravo


    Well, there are more "Key" things than that -- like Span margin versus index options margin. Regardless, it's, by all accounts, an index margin, and that eats up more margin than I want. Thanks
  9. def

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    Yes that is true but after all your title of this thread is "rookie question" and I didn't want to confuse the matter further.

    Your question also didn't ask about margin. You asked if it was an index options or futures option contract.

    If getting info on margin is what you're after, I just did a quick search of the Eurex sight and unless I'm missing an obvious link they certainly don't make it easy to find the info.