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  1. After my injury settlement and paying medical bills and buying a new ride I will have 100k to put in my brokerage account. I will use this forum to post trades and gain confidence, and i will take constructive criticism to reach my goal of not having to work again.

  2. brief summary of my ordeal.
    It was 9:30 Pm friday march 31st,2007.
    I was headed back from Walmart when a 43 yr old lady was leaving a local bar bar drunk. When she pulled out at the last second into my lane and we hit head on, as I find out later my car was smashed beyond recognition, a quote from the the local sherrif is he dont know how anyone could have lived but I'm here. Ok so we hit and this pain came over me like most people will never feel in there whole life, my first insticnt is to jump out of the car. I fell straight to the pavement as my femur was sticking out of my leg I held with both hands with all my strength to to keep the broken bone in my leg because if i let go it felt as my leg was exploding. I lay in the busy road yelling for help, for someone to call 911. Eventually people began getting out of the car to help and to call my mom, you see i don’t have a dad because he was killed in the same type of accident on 7/7/03. So what seemed like an eternity the emts finally arrived and put me on a back brace, it took them forever because i wouldn’t let go of my leg which was killing me and gushing with blood. Finally the emt says look we cant help you here on the street, we got trauma hawk in the air to come pick you up, so i knew i had to bare the pain and let go, they got me on the backboard and were carting me off to the ambulance when my dad appeared and said Ron calm down you will be saved, so a calm came over my body as i was put in the ambulance the medics first give me 3 huge doses of morphine of which none touched the pain i was in, the trauma hawk arrived i was carted off to the helicopter in minutes and flown 60 miles away to a trauma center, we made it there in 10 minutes. as we landed they rushed me to to the operating room where at least 30 people were waiting on me. They intibated me and knocked me out. I woke up in a trauma room after 4 hours of surgery.

    I was released on 4/7 still in great pain but i will make it. Rehab will take 6 months i will be in a wheel chair. My right arm went thru the windshield and is messed up really bad, i also broke a few ribs, and the worse was the complete split in half of my femur, I have a rod that will stay in my right leg forever, and about 50 staples on the outside.
    I am home now, though in pain and lucky for the assistance of my mom to do everything for me.
  3. I will start posting trade next week, I opened up a corp account to trade in, so its in process right now. I am more of a swing trader with about 75 percent of my funds, but I will scalp after hours when big moves are being made.

    So I am starting with 100k. Let's see what I can do, I have been paper trading the last few days to keep my edge.
    Should be fun
  4. My condolences on the bad situation(s) you've experienced. Friends and family can provide a good support network in times like these.

    In regards to the trading, what exactly are you doing? Do you just want a place to post your trades, commentary, etc.?

    BTW, I hope you're very experienced to be working with this amount of money.


  5. As a lawyer I am not only impressed by the ordeal but that you got a settlement in less than a month after the accident.

    best of luck in the recovery and I would advise only using $25,000 to trade for starters and bank the rest for the long road ahead.
  6. Great comment.

    I was thinking 10K and earn the rest from the market, but I need a lot more info from Ron before I can even begin to come to any type of conclusions.

    But good point.

  7. only part of the settlement is done, so far i got 120k, now they are going after the bar the lady was coming out -there parking lot when she nailed me-of
    I'm 34 and was a trader for an mm firm, have series 7,55,63 and 65/
    I have been trading a long time, but recently been through a nasty divorce, so I havent traded in about 1.5 years, I have just been doing -consulting for companies- in the finance and accounting arena. hope this helps.