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    I joined the process to help Ron Paul win iowa - if he wins iowa we finally have a chance to fight the mess in this country.
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    I just helped send off several more boxes today - 900 per box - thanks market for paying for the Ron Paul Iowa campaign.
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    I like Ron Paul, but if he wins Iowa, he hands Mitt the nomination. RP beating Newt in Iowa would be a late Christmas present to Romney.

    Also, while there are many great things about RP, I think he would be much more potent as Secretary of Treasury, and from there wage a war against the FED.

    As Pres. he wouldn't be able to push through his agenda and he would lose his re-election bid. So everyone would simply do what is happening with Obama right now. The motto on both sides is "Dig you heels in".
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    If Ron Paul gets traction through iowa win he can make a solid move to 1st in republican race - this is last chance for liberty in my opinion and Ron Paul as president is needed - all other main candidates are compromised.
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    How is winning - losing?
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    corporate media twisted speak is the winner losing
  7. Wouldn't he be more potent against the Fed with the ability to nominate a Fed Chairman? Also, not that I think he would, but he could issue a competing currency by EO, like JFK did, effectively ending the Fed's monopoly of our currency.

    As Commander in Chief he would have direct control of our military. He can order our troops home and declare the War on Terror over. Bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is basically non existent. Since they are responsible for 9/11, we seem to have taken care of business.

    He can also reverse the EO's of Bush and Obama, end the secret interpretations of the Patriot Act, and most importantly change the debate. He will reign in Executive power. With a President Paul, we will never have to worry about the Executive asking for powers to indefinitely detain American citizens and if that's all he accomplishes in four years, it will be more than enough.