Ronald Reagan's daughter Patti poses naked

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    Society isn't harsh on older women going after young guys. In fact, women have a cute little name for themselves which has found its way into the common vernacular. They call themselves cougars rather than what they truly are. As for men, we go from attractive young men to dirty old men in a matter of a few years; and we are behaving no differently.

    A man of fifty being attracted to a woman of twenty-five is considered sick by many people who are mostly female. Most older men haven't lost their ability for sex or love, but society seems to think so. However, I am not talking about the Hugh Hefner types who probably have a cabinet full of Viagra.

    Imagine a 55 year old guy posing naked; he'd get arrested and thrown in jail. But if you're an old hag doing the same, society will admire you for your "courage".
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