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    More then likely, written by a Ron Paul nut. I seriously doubt Paul himself wrote this right before re-joining the US Congress again after a 10 year absence. But rather one of these end of world, world order type nuts that Paul seems to attract took the liberty to put this out there.
  2. I dont think he wrote em.I have heard a lot of Pauls speeches,comments,interviews etc and that sounds nothing like Paul.Sounds more like Glen Beck imo
  3. Also sounds like a conspiracy nut and Paul was never on the 9-11 truther or bither train
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    A "Ron Paul nut" who signed it as "Ron Paul." Bullshit.

    Do you sit around trying to make excuses for everybody on your side with a closet full of skeletons? :D :p
  5. It blows my mind that people could actually make the claim that a rigid individualist like Ron Paul is somehow a racist.

    The biggest scam that liberals ever pulled off is convincing the masses that people who do not believe in different collective rights for different races is somehow racist.

  6. So says the guy who gives Obama a pass while he spent 20 years going to a church led by a blatant racist.

    Feel free to point out all of the close contacts of Ron Paul who match the likes of Rev. Wright, Rezko, Blago, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, etc.....

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    Actually, most of that stuff sounds like Paul with the exception of the racist bullshit and the AIDS conspiracy. And Paul dances a little bit too close to the 9/11 whack jobs. He doesn't endorse it but he throws enough fuel out there for some of his fringe followers to jump all over it.
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    Yeah and Obama "admits" to those relationships. Paul has denounced most of the crazy connections the media has tried to attach to him.
  9. What did Paul ever say that supports the 9-11 trurthers ?Everything I have heard Paul say about 9-11 is that they hit us over here because we are over there
  10. Can you point me to where Paul has talked or wrote like this



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