Ron Paul

Discussion in 'Politics' started by kinggyppo, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Any other Ron Paul fans!! He will never get elected because he speaks da truffss!!:)
  2. I will vote for him I can't handle the rest of these politicians they are all like tape recordings.
  3. There are several Ron Paul fans here. You gotta love a Republican whose own party paid another Republican politician to change parties and run against him (as a Democrat) for his congressional seat . . .
  4. dinoman


    What's funny is CNBC blatently shut down their poll on the debate tonight because Ron Paul was getting all the votes. CNBC is obviously on the blocking the free america list! DOWN with GE!
  5. Ron Paul would be the best option for this country. Unfortunately, he won't get past New Hampshire in the Primaries.
  6. tyler19


    I hope you guys are out there doing something about getting this man in office.
  7. Turok


    He may well be the first candidate who convinces me to register and vote.

    #10     Oct 11, 2007